Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let's Talk About Resolutions

Happy new year, fellas!
My first post in 2016 is basically a note I wrote back on my birthday.

I'm sitting here practically alone. Thinking about life and what I've been through for the last 24 years.

To all of you who don't know, today is my birthday. But since I'm too old for birthday party, I didn't celebrate or party.
My family on the other side, threw a birthday surprise for me. Attended by close relatives only. 30 people were there, singing and dancing. I am happy.

My birthday is kinda awkward because it's between Christmas and New Year. So I never celebrate since everyone will be busy during that period of time. But I am grateful for what my Mom did today.

What was I doing? Oh yeah, thinking about what I've been through for the last 24 years. There are (few) things I am proud about and (more) things I am not. I achieved more than what I expected. The family, friends, and job that I really love. Still, I am human and I did bad things too. I smoke, I drank (not too much, but enough to get me drunk), and I met some guys I wasn't supposed to encounter with. Now these parts right here, are the reasons why I am the person I am. So, for that, I am also grateful.

Now I'm thinking about 2016.

I am not a planner. I don't do planning. I like spontaneous things. But that's gotta change if I want better future for myself.

I have a lot of plans now.

I want to be a photographer. You might think that photography is kind of everyone's hobby these days. Well, I don't care. I fell in love with the process. It's amazing what you can do with pictures.

I want to be videographer, too.

I practically just want to do things with camera.

And this is going to be a very expensive hobby.

So, that's why I need to make plans.

Starting with the money-saving problem.

I'm 24 years old, single, and broke.

Yeah, really.

No, family's money is not the same with my money.

I work for today. I live for today. I eat for today. I don't worry about future because I don't think I am ready for the future.

That's why I gotta start saving. Let's just hope it's not too late.

Next, the 'single' problem.

Well, I don't see that being single is a problem. I am pretty happy with my life these days. I got the family and friends and it's more than enough.

I do want a dog though.

That'll be hard since my mom hates dogs. She thinks they are dirty. I think she has some concern about either my health and the cleanliness of the house.

Ah, I am so far from the subjet.

2016, though.

I got high expectations for 2016. So I am gonna start to list the things I need to achieve. Or in another words: making resolutions.

Fissheal's 2016 Resolution(s):
1. Stay happy.
2. Save 6 millions before June.
3. Do some investments with Mom.
4. Make another 6 millions before Christmas.
5. Quit my job (don't get me wrong, I love my job now, but family matters too).
6. Move back to Manado since I've already had the money from the investment. (HAHAHA EVIL LAUGH)
7. Learn how to ride motorcycle (all kind of motorcycle).
8. Get a dog.
9. (Maybe) buy a car (or even a house).
10. Lose weight.
11. Get a boyfriend.

I think that's all.

I just realized that you can pretty much sum up my resolutions as: get successful, get prettier, then get a boyfriend (and/or a dog).

I'll add some more if I got another plan for my future.

I am still on my way flying back to Jakarta. Got 1 hour and 20 more minutes so I'm gonna try to sleep some more because if I don't stop typing I might end up with a novel about my thoughts. LMAO.

1 hour later.

Haven't landed yet. Couldn't sleep. Too tired yet too excited. I'm gonna start edit some videos later and post it on my Facebook and Youtube. There are tons of work to do tomorrow at the office as well.

So I guess this is the end of my notes (and blog post).

Watch the videos later.