Saturday, March 30, 2013


that's the only Spanish word I know.

First of all, today's Good Friday. :)
Happy Good Friday to all of you who celebrating.

sooooooo, how are you? hope you're doing fine, readers. :)
I'm fine here. better, at least.
I got things to keep me busy, I got roof over my head, I got food, and I got you.

It's 1:34 am in the morning, GMT +07:00 and I am sleepy.
YAY! Finally. I've been waiting for this moment when I am about to hit the bed earlier.
Maybe it's because I'm tired. I ran this morning, then I cleaned up my room.
It's back to the normal day.

Well, anyway, I already asked Pak To (he's the man who keeps my dorm safe) if I could have a ferret or not.
Turned out, he said it's okay. As long as I keep it clean. :)
YAY (again)!
Now all I have to do is get one. I need some time to think but I think I'm getting there.

I don't have much story to tell, actually.
Oh, remember Maté? Yeah, the guy I liked. The one who introduced me to ferrets.
We're currently keeping our distance. No, I am the one who keeps the distance between us.
This is gonna sound silly, but it's his tweet that made me realized that we're never worked out.
He will never ever like me and everything's just impossible.
So, I back off. :)

I met another guy though. His name is Denny. He came with great personality.
But I think, he will be a good friend. :) Yes. Just friend. :)

I'm not liking anyone currently. I'm having a good time enjoying my life and my job.
I love meeting new people. This month, I got Maté, Denny, Raka, Resta, Pandi, and many others.
This time, I remembered Adit (he's my dorm mate's boyfriend) told me once:

3 things you should remember and do are:
1. Get closer with God.
2. Expand your network and friendship. Meet new people and have fun.
3. Be yourself.

Somehow, these three keep moving around in my head, try to remind me that these are probably the only things I should do.
Now, it works out. I met people. I not planning on changing and I am still trying to get closer to God.

Thank you for the time you took to read this.
I'll see you soon, then. :)


PS: It wasn't "Civet" it was "Ferret" :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet The Ferrets

lol. I don't usually post photos right away, but I feel sooo great I want to post them!

so here's the story...

a week ago, I met a guy named Maté online.
we actually met by accident when we were commenting on Fajar's status.
so, cut story short, he's that kind of guy who has that capability to make me laugh.
like, seriously, laugh out loud.
in the middle of the night.
and early in the morning.
like, every time.

turned out, (I think) I like him. so then I learned everything I should know about him.
oh, and the most important thing that amazed me is: He loves ferret (or civet cat or whatever you call them)!!!
and I know, from the moment he sent me pictures of his 'children', I fell in love with ferret too. :)

and last night, Saturday, 23rd March 2013, I met a ferret!
so it was an earth hour event in Depok, Indonesia and they invited some communities and KasKus is one of them.
KasKus is the largest indonesian community so far. It's a forum with 4 million members. Including me.
In the other side, there's MULDOK. I guess it's "Musang (ferret in bahasa) Lovers Depok". CMIIW.

cut story short, I interested in one of the ferret and want to take picture with it.
It is friendly. It loves kissing and biting and kissing again and (finally) shitting on me. LOL.

This is the ferret I'm talking about.

And this is right after she shitted on me. lol.
I did pose when this picture was taken, but I don't understand why I made this face after.
At least, my face looks slimmer.

See the yellow spot on my shoulder? That's the poop. LOL.
Ferret's poop didn't smell bad. It's just... sticky.

In the end, I am happy. I finally got something to tell Maté.
I met some people, again. I met a nice guy named Raka.
I met Susi and her friends.
I hugged some ferrets. I hugged two ferrets actually.
and I am simply happy. :)

that's all from now.
love you!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank You, February. And Welcome, March!

This post supposed to be posted yesterday.
But IDK why, I think I just forgot.
I wrote anything I wanted to post here on notepad first.
So if I didn't remember, I'll just skip that post.
But not with this post. This one is so damn important!

Happy 1st of March!
today's a big day for people in the world because today's Justin Bieber's birthday.
for me, it's even bigger because today's c4's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to c4.
yeah, we finally talk again and it makes me feel so good.
nah, I didn't expect to communicate. it's just, I want to fix my mistakes.

hi, c4. happy birthday!
wish you all the greatest thing in life.
ps: do not die before Iron Man 3.


hi, readers!
life's been good. :)
I am officially a trainee at the dream company I told you before.
I'm so excited. Thank you for pray for me. :)
And thank God for the job and thank God I have readers like you.
yeah I got e-mails these days and I am scared that I will failed. *Pray for me, please!*

my grades don't come up yet.
I am still nervous but I already tried to do the best I could.
now all I can do is pray.


oh, and remember the man I told you before? whose initial is A? yeah, things didn't work out very well between us two.
turned out he wasn't the man I want. he's cute as a boyfriend, but not mature enough to be considered as my other half.
beside, he got a girlfriend. lol. nah, even though he wasn't in a relationship, things still wouldn't work out.


I also want to take this time out to thank February.
I know it has only 28 days, but I felt like it was the longest month of the year.
Thank you for the ups and downs.
Thank you for taught me to trust my feelings.
Thank you for the love and heart break.
Thank you for the job, the friends, the experiences.
And thank you, for being the most amazing month of the year.
I thought you were gonna be the worst one, but turned out, I was dead wrong. :)


it's 5 o'clock in the morning now.
I am in the middle of making a decision whether to go back to sleep or not.
the thing is, I was planning on take a little run at 6 with my friend, Suci.
We'll see though, because I still got a task to do.
And I'm not so sure if she could wake up at 5:30. :))

I think that's everything for today.
thank you for the time you took to read this. :*
love ya, readers!