Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank You, February. And Welcome, March!

This post supposed to be posted yesterday.
But IDK why, I think I just forgot.
I wrote anything I wanted to post here on notepad first.
So if I didn't remember, I'll just skip that post.
But not with this post. This one is so damn important!

Happy 1st of March!
today's a big day for people in the world because today's Justin Bieber's birthday.
for me, it's even bigger because today's c4's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to c4.
yeah, we finally talk again and it makes me feel so good.
nah, I didn't expect to communicate. it's just, I want to fix my mistakes.

hi, c4. happy birthday!
wish you all the greatest thing in life.
ps: do not die before Iron Man 3.


hi, readers!
life's been good. :)
I am officially a trainee at the dream company I told you before.
I'm so excited. Thank you for pray for me. :)
And thank God for the job and thank God I have readers like you.
yeah I got e-mails these days and I am scared that I will failed. *Pray for me, please!*

my grades don't come up yet.
I am still nervous but I already tried to do the best I could.
now all I can do is pray.


oh, and remember the man I told you before? whose initial is A? yeah, things didn't work out very well between us two.
turned out he wasn't the man I want. he's cute as a boyfriend, but not mature enough to be considered as my other half.
beside, he got a girlfriend. lol. nah, even though he wasn't in a relationship, things still wouldn't work out.


I also want to take this time out to thank February.
I know it has only 28 days, but I felt like it was the longest month of the year.
Thank you for the ups and downs.
Thank you for taught me to trust my feelings.
Thank you for the love and heart break.
Thank you for the job, the friends, the experiences.
And thank you, for being the most amazing month of the year.
I thought you were gonna be the worst one, but turned out, I was dead wrong. :)


it's 5 o'clock in the morning now.
I am in the middle of making a decision whether to go back to sleep or not.
the thing is, I was planning on take a little run at 6 with my friend, Suci.
We'll see though, because I still got a task to do.
And I'm not so sure if she could wake up at 5:30. :))

I think that's everything for today.
thank you for the time you took to read this. :*
love ya, readers!

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