Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Don't Even Know

"Hi, how are you? I forgot to ask you something the other day; can I have your number?" is the only sentence I want to say to you right now.
I lost my gut whenever you're here.
I am either happy and sad.
You wanna know why?
I'm sad that I lost everything I practiced.
But I'm happy because it means I like you a lot.
A lot.
Like, a lot a lot.
I don't normally losing words in front of a guy because for me it's like losing my self-esteem.
And I hate that feeling.

So twice, huh?
Twice and all I know are your first name, where you live, your job, the name of your dog, and your origin.
Other than those, nothing.
And the worst part is I don't know when you will be here again.

It's too cliche, but I think I miss you.
I don't even have anything to miss about you.
I mean, we talked. But just twice or three times.
I'm not supposed to miss you, don't I?
See these walls? I've built them. Why? To avoid getting hurt.
But then there's this day, and there you go.
Tearing my walls down. Slowly and steady.

And you don't even know.