Saturday, November 27, 2010

sorry for act like a crap

hey readers. how are you on this saturday morning huh?
hope you're good. :)

I can't believe I want to cry now. damn, I never cried for months and now I just feel like will do that.
I'm not sleep yet so I pretty sure I have a panda's eyes right now and I don't want to cry. not now. :(

what do you do when you feel useless, readers?

I have a training in about 90 minutes and I'm not taking a shower yet. I don't feel like I can make it.
maybe I should give up on this.

look readers, one thing you should understand is I'm not perfect. you see sometimes I post craps in here don't you?
I do that when I'm mad at something and I can't even talk.
I feel like if I'm happy everyone else will be happy. even though, I have to pretend sometimes.
in the last 6 months, my friends say I have a better temper now. and I don't want to mess it up.

ah. they don't know I'm still a human. I can cry, I have heart, I can be mad.
and yes, I already cried. damn it.

okay readers, I really have to go. not because I want to but because I HAVE TO.
wish me luck for my training. I have a feeling that it'll be bad but I'll try my best.

I feel silly because I don't learn something yet! great.

don't worry about me, readers. I'm fine. trust me, I always fine.
sorry if this temper of mine makes you hate me.
nobody wants to be hated. so do I.
so please, if you hate me now, forgive me.

well, have a great saturday everyone.

you know what is my last words don't you?
oh forgot?
let me tell you something: love you, readers. *bearhug* :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

rockmelt - one of new cool browser. :)

do you know what time is it? yeah it's about 2:32 am. and I can't sleep. I don't even feel sleepy. SIAL. (this word is an Indonesian which is means "damn" and "shit" at the same time).


oh have I told you about this Rockmelt? it's a browser.
physically, it looks like Google Chrome. but not the system. you have to log in using your facebook account.

you can get this browser by the invitation from someone who also using this browser.
I have 3 invitation left and I want to give one free for you.
anyone who wants it, just tell me. :)


what's cool?
first I accept the invitation about this browser and I see the look is same as Google Chrome. I felt a lil bit disappointed.
but not know.
first time I thought I'll lost every bookmark that I already marked on my mozilla firefox, they're not gone. they're stay on that rockmelt.
it's cool because I can even play mafia wars with 2 accounts at the same time. ;)


the second cool thing is when we close our facebook tab on this browser, the chat will always be there.
it means, you don't have to open facebook even in a tab to keep in touch with your friends.
I love it.


not only facebook, I even have twitter inside!
I can update my twitter just by clicking the small icon on the right side and update my status on twitter.

another way?
you can click on your photos on the top-left when the browser in on standby mode
and choose twitter on the dropdown menu
and enjoy it!


you have to see this chat window!
gosh it's cool.
it's really look like chat. :)
like a conversation.


how do you think readers?
it's great isn't it?

big thanks to mr. krazzy ball to give me an invitation to use this.
and remember!
I have one free invitation for anyone who wants it.
leave a comment or better chat me on yahoo which is on the right side of this blog.


I should sleep right now.
but I'll read a book before go to sleep. :)

and as always,
love you readers.
mwah. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

something on my mind

hey readers. I can't sleep. what the hell happen to me? why am I so sensitive like this?
I hate this.
I mean it.

look, I just had a fight *I don't know if that's a fight or no, but I think, it is* with this man.
why I'm fighting all the time?

I just asked him a question about kids. and he's frown. he said he's not frown but he is.
what's wrong with that question? he can ignored it if he hated it.
or told me that I supposed to not ask him about that.

now I can't sleep just because I think of it.
man, I feel so wrong. he has 3 kids, so what? I don't care.
he makes me laugh. he makes me smile.
damnit! I like him!

I don't know what to do readers.
I really don't

sorry for talkin' shit tonight.
I just can't sleep before I feel relieve.

I love you readers. see you soon. kisses and hugs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I love your PC! :))=))

hell-o readers. :D
looking for the post titled "cfho83"?
well, he asked me to remove it. :p
he didn't ask me actually, he just said "you post too much" and I remove it myself. :)

so how was your day?
hope it's great because mine went well.

I see my bestfriend today. you know him. kunyuk. yeah. kunyuk. :)) it's him. :)
he's skinner now. and that makes me so sad. he got sick for two weeks that's why he soooo thin.
we're goin to meet again on thursday because I have no class that day.

I was playing with mr. krazzy about... what..? 2 hours ago I's kinda funny. we shuffle our playlist and to answer the question, we have to click the "next" button.
love it.

you wanna see his result?
here it is:
  1. if someone say "are you okay" you said...? this ain't what you want. lol.
  2. what would best describe your personality? ooooohhhh.
  3. how would you describe yourself? gettin it on.
  4. what do you like in a guy/girl? don't front.
  5. what is your life's purpose? hello.
  6. what is your motto? heatin up.
  7. what do your friends think of you? clap again (it's akon. A-K-O-N).
  8. what do your parents think of you? a-1 performance.
  9. what do you think about very often? take it off.
  10. what is 2+2? fan-mail.
  11. what do you think of your best friend? hustler.
  12. what do you think of the person you like? wanna be there.
  13. what is your life story? I'll make love to you.
  14. what do you wanna be when you grow up? booty man.
  15. what do you think when you see the person you like? rendezous.
  16. what will you do at your wedding? ballin of the white.
  17. what will they play at your funeral? hear me out.
  18. what is your hobby/interest? work that pole.
  19. what is your biggest fear? block boys.
  20. what is your biggest secret? oochie wally.
  21. what do you want right now? *this is un-answered*
  22. what do you think of your friends? freak show.
  23. what is the worst thing that could happen? let me show you.
  24. what is the one thing you regret? disturbia.
  25. what makes you laugh? new shoes.
  26. what makes you cry? magic.
  27. what scares you the most? good good.
  28. does anyone like you? #1 fan.
  29. if you could go back in time, what would you change? my country.
  30. what hurts right now? ether.
  31. what makes you fall in love with someone? destroy and rebuild.
that bigger-bold word is the funniest according to me.
I like his expression when I give him question and he presses next and he hates the PC.
that's why I love that PC.

I should go to sleep. have some job for tomorrow. bye readers
and as always, love you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

webcam shows original

gara-gara si krazzy, gw jadi demen poto-poto lagi.
anyway, thanks for brings back my confidence, mr. krazzy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I don't give a f-

night readers.
happy eid mubarak to everyone who's celebrating. :)

see the post below? yap that's the shortest post ever.
dan that'll be the last (hopefully).

gue pengen cerita. dan kayaknya gue perlu cerita..

Mr.7 years.
we had a fight. and I decide to leave. hahaha.. ngga readers. dia bukan siapa-siapa gue.. cuma yah, gitu lah..
gue ngerasa sangat mengganggu hidup dia.
beside, gue capek. he keeps blocking me, removing me, and do stuffs every time we had a problem.
what's wrong with be honest if I may ask?

this afternoon, we had a chat. and I'm sooooooooooooo mad. :|
I don't know why. I even can't believe I just already say "I don't give a fuck" to him.
I didn't mean to be so rude. but it seems like every little feelings inside of me is mixed up. I'm angry, I'm sad, in the other side, I love (sorry for saying) him.

but I have to decide, right? I can't drown in his shadow forever. I have to wake up. find a new life. find a new love.
so, I take a decision to get over him. get over my feelings. get over us.
it'll be hard in the first months. but I have, I need, and I believe that I can do this.

on our last conversation, he said that he'll never read this blog again, or read my tweets on twitter. facebook? he's block me already. YM? I believe he's also already put me on his ignore list.
so what am I worry about?
he's supporting me by doing all that things.. :D

I have a feeling that he still want to say something. I don't have any idea about what will he says but I won't wonder. I'm open minded enough. say anything you want to say about me, readers.
I won't be mad. :)

I don't hate it when he acts that way. I mean, looking for me just to say he's not mad.
but I hate it because he do that when I just decided to forget him. forever.
it makes me confused, readers. of course I don't want to hope. I'm tired of hoping. of waiting for something unsure.

"in my life I had regrets but I've moved on.." ~ Blue - Move On
"it's over now. the pain is gone.." ~ Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo
"I love you with the fire red, now it's turning blue.." ~ Timbaland ft. One Republic - Apologize
"I don't wanna be a fool, crying over you.." ~ So Sick (Female Version)
"there's no more tears, I cried them all for you, yeah, you.." ~ Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds.
"even though I really love you, I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to.." ~ Leona Lewis - Better In Time
"I'm moving on, I'm feeling strong inside" ~ Eric Benet - Sometimes I Cry
"sometimes goodbye's the only way" ~ Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day
"If you only knew what the future holds after a hurricane comes a rainbow" ~ Katy Perry - Fireworks

readers, intinya, gue pengen bilang sama kalian:
jangan jadi kayak gue. buat para reader cowok, kalo emang kalian suka sama orang, tell her. lebih baik ditolak karena berani ngomong, daripada jadi pengecut cuma karena takut ditolak.
buat reader cewek, love is important. :) kalo kalian sayang sama orang, dan orang itu ngga pasti sama kalian, tinggalin. cari yang baru sebelum kalian jatuh terlalu dalam sama 1 orang itu.

and as always:
love you, readers.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm done with you.

what would you do if you know that today is the last day for the person you love?

that's such a funny title isn't it?

gue abis nonton filmnya Jennifer Love Hewitt yang judulnya If Only..
ini kali kedua gue nonton ni film. sebelumnya pernah juga. tapi entah di CD ato di TV..

apa yang bakal readers lakukan kalo readers jadi si Ian di film ini?

gue memposisikan banyak orang sebagai Samantha di film ini..
gimana kalo orang-orang itu satu per satu gue "mimpiin" meninggal, and it comes true.

1. my daddy
okay, bokap gue udah ngga ada. udah mau tahun ke-4 tanggal 15 januari nanti. but I still wish I could turn back time. come on readers. di hari terakhir bokap kalian, ga mungkin kalian berharap cuma punya percakapan kecil soal "ladder" yang bener-bener ga penting. I wish I could tell him everything. every secret that I have. dad, miss you badly.

2. my mom
I ever had a dream about this. dimimpi gue, yang meninggal adalah nyokap. bukan bokap gue. you know? things going to be complicated. bokap gue kayak orang pusing dimimpi itu. and me? I act just like a kid. if I know the last day of my mom, I will do something that she likes. sing this "Song For Mama" by Boyz II Men, hold her tight, tell her secrets, tell her about my life. and tell her how much I love her.

3. my sister
ini juga dah pernah gue mimpiin. dan gue sedih. nangis sejadi-jadinya. come on, she's the only sister that I have. she knew everything. every little thing about me. yang mungkin, semuanya masih disimpen sama dia. she's my cheerier, she's my best friend, she's my only one. if she leaves me first, I think I could die. seriously.

4. my friend
angga. dia temen sekelas gue yang pernah gue mimpiin meninggal. panik. nangis-nangis pas bangun. teman adalah harta terbaik yang kalian punya, readers. gue rasa wajar kalo kalian nangis. kalo gue tau hari ini hari terakhir temen-temen gue, gue bakal having fun sama mereka. do anything they want. go wherever they want. and I want to hug them even though I know they're gonna hate it. ;')

5. orang-orang terdekat
gue ngga bisa mendefinisikan "orang-orang terdekat" itu seperti apa. I mean, selain keluarga. kayak Micky. you know Micky? yes. I take him as my brother. kak Vina Justicia. she's the other. Anna sama Zesy. gue rasa readers dah pernah baca soal mereka di postingan-postingan sebelum ini. mereka juga termasuk dalam orang-orang yang megang rahasia gue. dan, kalo hari ini hari terakhir mereka, gue rasa gue harus menjalankan kewajiban gue dulu. then I'll take them to have fun.

6. him
gue ngga mau muna, readers. dia masih masuk hitungan. I'll fly to his town and do the rest. :D
I don't care if he'll be mad. at least, on his last day on earth, I've done what I need to do. or second choice, if he don't want to see me, I'll stay here. haha. bukannya apa-apa readers. tapi last day on earth, gue pasti akan mengabulkan semua permintaannya. jangan bilang artinya gue ga sayang. beuh. justru karena gue sayang makanya gue bakal biarin dia sendiri kalo itu mau dia.

pada akhirnya, semua yang di atas adalah hal-hal yang akan gue lakukan kalo gue tau hari itu adalah hari terakhir mereka.
hari terakhir orang-orang yang gue kasihi.
at least, gue berharap, gue aja yang duluan. gue aja yang duluan pergi. biar gue ga bisa ngeliat mereka semua pergi duluan..

dah pagi..
gue masih ga bisa tidur, readers.

pesan dari gue,
betapa biasa pun hari ini, tetep selalu kasih tau orang yang kalian sayang, kalo kalian sayang sama mereka, readers. sebelum semuanya terlambat.

and, as always,
I love you, readers. whoever you are. even you're drugging, you're smoking, you had tattoes, you addict to sex, you're nerd, you're crazy, you're hate me, you're love me, you think I'm crazy, you think I'm nerd, you think I'm not worth it, you think I'm illogical, I still LOVE you. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

the most honest honesty

Laporan Pendahuluan Dreamweaver 191110

  1. Apa yang dimaksud dengan form dan jelaskan cara membuatnya!
  2. Apa yang dimaksud dengan frame dan jelaskan cara membuatnya!

  1. Elemen form berfungsi untuk tempat pemasukan/peng-inputan data, pemrosesan dan penyimpanan data. Cara menggunakannya: Pilih Insert Bar, kemudian pilih Form. :)
  2. Frame adalah pembagi jendela browser anda menjadi beberapa bagian dan ditampilkan dalam satu jendela browser. Cara menggunakannya: Klik menu Insert dan arahkan pointer ke Frames, maka akan muncul kotak dialog seperti pada gambar di bawah ini. Pada menu Frames akan terlihat menu-menu lagi. Kita bisa memilih jenis Frame yang ingin kita buat. :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laporan Akhir Dreamweaver buat Tanggal 191110

LA kali ini, kita bakal bikin 1 situs yang nantinya akan di link ke page lain.
di page lain itu, salah satunya harus ada tabel..
ini contoh dari gue.

ini coding buat gambar di atas.. :)

ini coding buat gambar di atas.. :)

ini coding buat gambar di atas.. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Laporan Pendahuluan Dreamweaver

  1. Jelaskan fungsi draw-layer pada dreamweaver!
  2. Jelaskan pengertian table dan cara menggunakan table pada dreamweaver!
  3. Jelaskan pengertian dari hyperlink dan cara penggunaannya!

  1. Draw Layer digunakan untuk menggambar kotak yang bisa diisi teks, gambar, atau apa saja, dan bisa ditempatkan dimana saja di layar.
  2. Tabel adalah informasi dalam bentuk matriks. Cara membuat tabel, klik tool "Insert Table" hingga muncul jendela yang menanyakan jika anda ingin memasukkan informasi dan membuat tabel. Ketika itu selesai, klik pada “OK” dan akan muncul tabel dalam halaman web.
  3. Hyperlink adalah gambar atau bagian teks yang ketika diklik oleh pengguna membuka halaman web lain atau melompat browser bagian yang berbeda dari halaman saat ini. Cara penggunaannya, klik tool Hyperlink yang terletak di atas (Insert Bar) dan akan membuat anda untuk link ke lokasi lain dari halaman web, file atau lokasi pada halaman yang sama.

Monday, November 8, 2010

my first storyboard

itu di atas storyboard pertama gue..

setelah gue upload di facebook, ada yang nge-like.
ada yang komen..
ada yang via YM langsung mujinya..

at least, gue ga akan pernah tau kalo gue punya bakat jadi seorang komiker.
becanda deng.
thanks to Micky Kawulur for giving me the link. yang entah dikasih ke gue dari kapan
dan sempat terlupakan. :)
kalo bukan karena dia, gue ga bisa nyelesein ini tugas..
thanks to go animate, buat koleksi gambar-gambarnya.
thanks to dosen IMK yang udah ngasih tugas kayak gini..

thanks to Lord Jesus for protecting me. :)

makasih buat semuanya.

lebay yah?
ga juga ah.
gue seneng readers, soalnya ini bener-bener pengalaman pertama buat gue. dan syukurlah, ngga mengecewakan.

dah yaa
gue mau off dulu..
mau tidurr

wish me luck.
and as always: LOVE YOU. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Laporan Akhir Dreamweaver

ini codingnya:

ini hasilnya:

silakan utak atik sendiri sesuka kalian. :)
klik gambar untuk memperbesar yah. :)

buat yang ngga punya dreamweaver dan pengen download, coba ke sini aja. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's Latest Photo

niat banget dah gue.
tapi emang lagi pengen ngepost sih. :)
jadi yah aktivitas gue hari ini, cuma ke kampus dari siang
trus ke detos sampe sore.
berenam sama rafly, angga, rahma, putri, dan anna.

gue share poto2 tadi siang aja deh
maaf rada-rada bandwith killer. :p

Foto-Foto! :)

rafly, angga, gue, rahma, putri - nunggu ujan berhenti di depan toko laptop

rahma, gue, putri ~ nungguin ujan berhenti. :)

rafly, rahma, putri, anna, angga ~ detos, otw food court atas

rafly, rahma, putri ~ otw food court

angga sama anna. :)

rafly sama rahma :)

segitulah kira-kira koleksi poto hari ini. :)
banyak hal yang tadi udah kita ber-6 perbincangkan.


I'm glad I have them. :)
senang rasanya bersama mereka hari ini.
love them

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Sunshine

3rd day of November. :)
apa aja yang udah kalian lewatin readers?
gue pribadi ga ngelewatin banyak momen di 2 hari kemaren..
ga tau deh hari ini. :p

so, what's up?
November Sunshine judul yang gue pilih karena udah capek juga dari November tahun kemaren Rain mulu. :))=)) kidding. pengen suasana yang beda aja. ^^

tar ada kuliah setengah 8.
sekarang udah jam 3 dan gue masih ga bisa tidur.. :'(
parah dah..
udah akut kayaknya. :((


akhir bulan oktober kemaren pait banget.
gue brantem (adu mulut doang sih) sama aktifis regional depok kaskus id-ed chipax.

tadinya emang adem ayem sampe gue denger kabar kalo dia bilang kecewa sama gue tapi ga di depan gue..
jadilah gue sindir di group facebook dan dia ngomentarin post gue. :)
dari ketikkan dia, gue bisa baca kalo dia emang lagi emosi. jadi gue berusaha untuk ga emosi dan malah ketawa-ketawa yang tentunya malah bikin dia lebih emosi :hammer:

akhirnya janjian ketemu hari senin malam jam setengah 8, diikuti dengan ngaretnya gue karena kebablasan tidur dan baru nongol jam setengah 9 di tkp. -.-"
makan dulu, trus ngobrol di tangga depan depok town square karena dia mao ngerokok.

bener-bener emosi rupanya dia readers. :))=)) tapi pas gue denger dia ngoceh, gue nyadar.
ini forum bukan cuma forum. dia ngajarin gue: "lo tuan rumahnya, gue tamunya, masa gue dateng lo pergi?"
bener juga sih gue pikir-pikir. sebagai seorang thread starter, gue bertanggung jawab akan jalannya acara dari awal sampe akhir.
dari ngumpulin orang sampe acara selesai.
kalo emang ada pengalaman pait, there's always a first time. ;)

damai readers. gue juga bukan tipe orang yang suka marahan lama-lama. apalagi ditambah ini udah diomongin bae-bae, jadi yaudah.. :)
pertemanan kembali seperti semula, gue ga ngambek dan yang paling penting, gue ngerti kenapa gue harus bertanggung jawab sama hal yang udah gue mulai.


nyokap gue mao ke bali, readers. :) beliau kemaren minta pesenin tiket untuk tanggal 4 november.
mungkin tanggal 6 mau ke sini. tapi kurang tau juga sih.


belakangan, gue kena homesick. pengen pulang. sampe ga betah di kampus. ga betah di kosan. pokoknya maunya pulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang ajah. -.-"
tapi daripada gue boong.
mendingan gue akuin kan?


next, I miss him. Mr. 7 years.
gue pengen kasih tau orangnya langsung, takut dibilang aneh-aneh. -.-"
pengen SMS, dah kemaleman nyadarnya kalo gue kangen =))=))

jadilah, gue cuma curhat di sini. :D
toh dia kayaknya ga mungkin baca.. :)
lagian, gue rasa dia ngerti lah kalo gue kangen begini yah wajar. namanya udah cukup sering gue cerita semua masalah gue ke dia.

he's on his holiday, readers. jadi yah, gue nyadar diri dan ga mau ganggu juga. ^^


this is a boy. :))
balik lagi ye? ga kok. ini cuma cerita temen. :)

kenal dari awal conference chat sama abang gue tersayang Micky, trus gue add aja itu orang yang di conference 1/1..
dan, ini orang ada di list.
gue ga tau mau nyebut nama ato ngga. tapi kayaknya ga usah dulu..

nah, ini orang belakangan ngeledekin gue sama temn SMP gue. -.-"
padahal udah jelas ga ada hubungan apa-apa. -.-"

nah, barusan, dia ngasih link..
link khotbah..
bagus banget.
sampe gue bookmark biar tiap malem bisa gue dengerin..

nah, tadi gue dengerin khotbah yang judulnya "Menjadi Orang Berharga".
kenapa judul yang ini? karena sometimes, di lowest point hidup gue, gue ngerasa down dan gue mikir, I'm nothing.
mikir kayaknya gue ga ada tujuannya dilahirin ke dunia ini. -.-"
bener-bener pikiran yang kekanak-kanakan. :)

touchy abis.. :)
gue dengerin dari awal sampe akhir dan gue ngerasa "phew"

okay, selain itu ada kata-kata dari dia yang bikin gue nyadar:
"torang ini biji mata-Nya, torang pe tubuh ini riki Dia anggap Bait-Nya Dia... berarti torang sangat spesial toh :)"
which is means:
"kita ini biji mataNya, tubuh kita sampe dianggap baitNya Dia.. berarti kita sangat special kan :)"

langsung dah itu kata-kata gue jadiin motto: "I'm the apple of His eyes" ^^
thanks to him for giving me this link..


it's time for me to sleep readers. :)
have a great night you all.

and as always: love you. :-*