Wednesday, November 24, 2010

something on my mind

hey readers. I can't sleep. what the hell happen to me? why am I so sensitive like this?
I hate this.
I mean it.

look, I just had a fight *I don't know if that's a fight or no, but I think, it is* with this man.
why I'm fighting all the time?

I just asked him a question about kids. and he's frown. he said he's not frown but he is.
what's wrong with that question? he can ignored it if he hated it.
or told me that I supposed to not ask him about that.

now I can't sleep just because I think of it.
man, I feel so wrong. he has 3 kids, so what? I don't care.
he makes me laugh. he makes me smile.
damnit! I like him!

I don't know what to do readers.
I really don't

sorry for talkin' shit tonight.
I just can't sleep before I feel relieve.

I love you readers. see you soon. kisses and hugs.

1 comment:

cfho83 said...

i don't think that was an argument, he might have frowned because of the time, he might didn't want to get off with u, maybe he was having too much fun, but also had something else to do...and maybe he likes u too. hell i don't know sial...