Saturday, November 27, 2010

sorry for act like a crap

hey readers. how are you on this saturday morning huh?
hope you're good. :)

I can't believe I want to cry now. damn, I never cried for months and now I just feel like will do that.
I'm not sleep yet so I pretty sure I have a panda's eyes right now and I don't want to cry. not now. :(

what do you do when you feel useless, readers?

I have a training in about 90 minutes and I'm not taking a shower yet. I don't feel like I can make it.
maybe I should give up on this.

look readers, one thing you should understand is I'm not perfect. you see sometimes I post craps in here don't you?
I do that when I'm mad at something and I can't even talk.
I feel like if I'm happy everyone else will be happy. even though, I have to pretend sometimes.
in the last 6 months, my friends say I have a better temper now. and I don't want to mess it up.

ah. they don't know I'm still a human. I can cry, I have heart, I can be mad.
and yes, I already cried. damn it.

okay readers, I really have to go. not because I want to but because I HAVE TO.
wish me luck for my training. I have a feeling that it'll be bad but I'll try my best.

I feel silly because I don't learn something yet! great.

don't worry about me, readers. I'm fine. trust me, I always fine.
sorry if this temper of mine makes you hate me.
nobody wants to be hated. so do I.
so please, if you hate me now, forgive me.

well, have a great saturday everyone.

you know what is my last words don't you?
oh forgot?
let me tell you something: love you, readers. *bearhug* :)

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