Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I Will Teach My Children

so, I keep thinking about this topic lately. I can't imagine my children grow up and become exactly like me. so Imma teach them what I know about life.

1. God Is Everything
whatever you do, remember 1 thing: HE knew it before you did it.

2. Be Patient
you have to be real patient, but I know we're not God. I understand if you sometimes can't handle your temper. I'm not that patient too, baby.

3. Respect Daddy & Mommy
this is important. there's no excuse to not respect mom and dad. if they made mistakes, it's their fault. you don't need to judge them.

4. School, Home & Church
if my kids want to go somewhere it's their right. but I will make sure that they will be at home before 10, school in the morning, and church on Sunday.

5. Thank You
ALWAYS say "Thank You" when someone did something for you or to you. say thank you even when you're mad.

6. Do Not Keep Secret
anything happen to you in life, tell mom and dad. it's your fault or not, tell us. it's about your friends or your crush, tell us. if that thing will make us mad, no matter how mad we are at you, we will forgive you.

7. Watch Your Mouth
anything you say, will affect people around you. watch out. it's either you'll lose a friend or gain an enemy.

8. Apologize
whenever you make mistake, apologize. mom and dad promise you we will do the same thing. :)

9. When You Grow Up, Love Regardless
because that makes you can handle every problem you guys had.

10. Live Like You're Gonna Die Tomorrow, Work Like You're Gonna Die In 100 Years.
you know what I mean. do something good every day. if you make mistake, ask God to forgive you. and work hard.

I imagine if 20 years from now my son/daughter will read this and they'll say: that's exactly what mom told us to do!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

so, I just finished watch this movie. it's awesome.
I mean like: superb story line, great actors, and cool soundtracks. ;)
I download the torrent on demonoid by KickAssTorrents. he has the high quality one.

first song that played on this movie is so ear catching. I thought it was Cee Lo Green's. but I am wrong after I look for it.
now, here's the soundtrack list.
I put the download link on the first track and the last track because they are the greatest two. :)
I wish you can find the other because I am looking for them too.
I never heard ANY OF THIS before. but trust me, they're good.

01. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City - Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland
02. Lincoln Lawyer - Marcus “Seige” White feat. Big Hollis
03. Music - Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye
04. Don’t Sweat The Technique - Erik B. & Rakim
05. Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
06. Bobblehead Girl - Danny Chaimson & The 11th Hour
07. Now - Ari Hest
08. 107 Degrees - Citizen Cope
09. The Wilderness - Colin Smith
10. Hot Lazy Porch Swing - Cinema Guitar Works
11. Suspect - Setty & The Miracle
12. I Remember - deadmau5 & Kaskade
13. Moment Of Truth - Gang Starr
14. California Soul (Lincoln Lawyer Remix) - Marlena Shaw feat. Ya Boy