Sunday, January 30, 2011

holiday story part II

oops. I just read archives and realize that the holiday story that I post on January 8th is already finish.
so, I check it on my notepad *thank God I didn't delete it yet* and find out that there's one-week-story which I didn't post.
I don't want you to get unfinished story.
so. this is it. :)

part 2
January, 1st, 2011
Happy New Year, READERS!!!
Oh my. I am glad I still can type in 2011.
my baby keep telling me to update this site.
he has no idea that I am keep typing on notepad and I'll publish this later.
oops, I forgot it's new year in his place.
wait I'll tweet him.

okay done. :)
I just record some videos of my house too.
I'll show you readers. :)

well, last night is new year's eve.
it's great tho. we're gathering together. me, my father, my brothers, my sister, and my cousin.
I record like 10 videos of fireworks. <3>
it looks clear from 2nd floor of my father's house. :)

me and my brother go on the road, but when it's traffic, we decided to go back.
he'll be tired, he said.

my sister back to Jakarta this morning. and I just got a message from her say she already arrived.
I said, just text me when you're in tangerang already.

oh by the way, Jimbo (a.k.a Macan), have a twin! waow. his name is Bombat. lol.
I saw him last night on my father's roof. and they have a puppy named Molly too. :D
that's great.
it seems like Bombat afraid of fireworks. he keeps quiet all the time.
but I swear, he looks exactly like Jimbo.
I imagine how if they met when they two already separated for 4 months?
will they know each other?

sun shines soooooo bad this afternoon.
damn. it's hot.
even Jimbo don't cry because he busy let his tongue out. lmaabo.

I've planned nothing today. maybe I'll just manage Vessel for today.
I miss you, readers. love you. <3>

January 3rd, 2011
hey there, readers. I bet you already back to your daily activity.
so do I.
well, I am not going back to Jakarta yet.
I am still here. but days is going like usual.
people go to work, busy day though.

I just clean up the house, wash the dishes, and take a bath.
now I am here, post something on notepad and plan to post it later on my blog.

yesterday, I went to my grandmomma's house.
people said I look skinnier. lmao.
I don't eat too much. talk with a lot of people who don't see me for the last 1,5 years.
I miss them all: my aunties, my cousins, my brothers, I miss them aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll.. :D
I took some "jumping picture" when I went to the beach.
show you later.

Jimbo is fine. he's outside. being lazy.
days getting hotter here, readers.
I wear some thin stuff to protet me from sweating too much.
shit. I don't like this weather.

I really want to talk to you. so I am type. I don't care if you can't read this yet.
but I just need to say something.
first of all, let me being honest. everything I posted here, is a truth.
I never lie on my site.
what you read, really happens to me.
so, don't think about me making this funny just because I want you to read this site.
you can stop visit if you want to. I won't force you, people.

even though everything inside is a truth, it doesn't mean I tell you everything.
I have some things I keep from you readers.
however, people have secrets. so do I.
that's why, on this site header, I post that words: "some things are best left unsaid.."

me and my boy, I don't know. it seems like he don't want to talk to me.
I don't understand. I really don't.
maybe I did something wrong. but I don't know what it is. if I did it, for real, I don't recognize it as a mistake then.
I tweet him like 3 times, but he didn't reply one of them yet.
I don't think he didn't get it, so.. that's it.

I've plan about making a new song cover.
Halo and Firework are the choices.
I still practicing. don't want to mess up.
I'll post something later, readers.
I really love you and miss you all. :)

January 7th 2011
woah. I am 19 years old and I don't understand why my mom keep acting like I am 10 years old.
she never allows me to have a boyfriend. well, I mean a guy friend.
I will be an old virgin if she keeps act like that
or, if I want to know what sex like, maybe I just will give my virginity without any marriage.
don't try to say that she's protecting me.
I know how to protect myself.
I don't even need a man to protect me because I am protecting my self from any man I know.

when I was fat, my mom mad because I am fat. I mean, she never worried about a boy come after me.
now, when I got skinnier, my mom mad because boys come after me.
I already made an appointment with marcel. I think I ever told you about him, readers.
now I don't have any idea how to tell him that I can't make it.
if he picks me up, I don't know if my mom with let me go.

this is another reason I hate being in my hometown.
I told you about me hanging out in a couple posts before.
and that happens when my mom not in town. I am so glad when she leaves.
I mean, I don't want her to die, if that's what is on your mind, readers.
no. I just want her to change.
she didn't have to protect me the way my grandmother did to her.
and she needs to know that I am big enough to protect my ownself.

I don't know what to say readers.
I wish my brother can give me a phone call right now.

I can't type anymore, readers. I love you.

Jan 08th 2011
4:29 am
on my way tio airport.
can't wait to see you, readers. :)

sorry I just realize it.
now you know the whole holiday story.
love you, readers. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

if I could fly away, I wouldn't come back no more

free City
this is a shout out to every young brother ya know
that's doin his thing right now
heep ya head up
he’s walkin' the yard wishin' he had wings
ya know so he could fly up out that joint

if I could, fly away and I wouldn’t come back no more
I’d turn around just to see you for the last time,
see, now I know that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

man, it’s the longest yard I ever had to get in my life
and see my life ain’t right, if my wife don’t write
my niggas cant eat if the fish don’t bite
my raise the gross sales, like Mike and Nike
now big brother almighty
I keep a gamma ray, i’ma G-5 G
take a G-5 jeep, G-5 deep
Too some of their bare feet
and that jeep don’t speak
listen mayne they lock it down round herre
see body bag and gag and your found round herre
this as serious as it sound round herre
the guards guard the ground, 4 pounds round herre
and they ain’t playin, they’re just lettin you know
that anything they want to happen, nigga happen real slow
get the word from upstairs, put you in that hole
I cant take it, I’m just ready to go

if I could, fly away and I wouldn’t come back no more
I’d turn around just to see you for the last time,
see, now I know that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

I’m in my cell 20 hours a day and doin push-ups ever hour a day
'cause I'm tryin to keep the cowards away
that's why I'm markin off the calendar days
tryin to get it out of the way
and I'm just tryin to keep a piece of mine
and I'm gon shame a motherfucker with a piece of mine
'cause he tryin to take a piece of mine
so I'm gon slice his ass a piece at a time
but now that they close the door
lock me in, in a cell 30 deep but its built for 10
tell me what kind of world they got you in
with the barbed wire fences, box u in
from now, til they turn off the lights
I’ma read anything in sight
it's kinda hard tryin to read at night
but I’ma change my life
and hope another brother take this flight

if I could, fly away and I wouldn’t come back no more
I’d turn around just to see you for the last time,
see, now I know that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

I gotta make it out this place some how
man I really believe that I done turned it around
you see, all I need is that second chance to show,
since incarceration, my obligation of rehabilitation
yhey can punch me high, and they can kick me low
spit on me, it's gonna take more than that for them to break my soul
man its hard for people to understand what its like to be gated, incarcerated , I just cant take it, but I’ma make it man to see better days

if I could, fly away and I wouldn’t come back no more
I’d turn around just to see you for the last time,
see, now I know that it won’t be easy
I done fought in a battle, and I done made it this far
I gotta few more feet, but its still the longest yard

If I could fly away,
If I could I turn around,
If I could fly away


now this is the hardest rap part in the world. damn I tried to sing this since I was in high school. about 5 years ago.
but the lyrics is lovely. :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

happy 2nd monthiversary :))

we've been together for 2 months now.
it was nothing compared to "forever" though. but I am still grateful.

thank you for teach me anything.
thank you for making me laugh.
thank you for every little time we have.
thank you for your patience because I know sometimes I do act like a baby and a retard. (well, you are also a retard. :P)
and thank you for being a great partner, an awesome friend, a silly man, and the best person in my life.

and this is our soundtrack. lmao. I won't post playhouse here. it's crazy. :p

one day, when I want to read all my archives again, I hope I won't regret I ever post this.
aaaaaaaaaand, I love you no matter what.
oh, and even though forever is a very long time, I think I'll love you forever, retard.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am gaining a lot of shit

hey readers. I miss you. a lot. :)
so whassup?
how's your days?
mine are great. :) today's the last day of exam. and I got free.
no job though, because I start working next month again.


well, how long I didn't post a story of my days?
a week? more? less? at least now, I will do it.


so, I gain more minus in my eyes.
so, I think, I won't let go this glasses from my eyes again. don't want to get more blinded.


next story. umm. umm. dunno.
lmao. hmm. nothing special happens actually.
I gain more weight. 14 lbs.
another bad thing happen. -.-"
I don't know why but I just love food more than anything these days.
cheesecake, breads, rice, noodles, kwetiau, cookies, chocolates, and many other.
it doesn't mean I am not afraid of gaining weight. I do afraid because I know how long it takes to loose some.
I think I'm just enjoying my life.


I have lot of events this week.
gathering, hanging out, blah blah blah.
run out of moneeeeyy.. -.-"
but that's my responsibility. :) I know what am I doing and I am the one who choose to doing those things.


ooh. I got a new design of my "photos of me" on facebook. it's no longer my site.
let me show you what it is:

look at that red fonts? :)) well, that's my new thumbnails.
I love those words. :D

waiting for my coffee. :)
my sister's here. she'll stay tonight.
I am really afraid of becoming fat again. well, I am still fat.
but I don't want to go back to my size again.
need to workout here.

I am trying to be more patient now. start to learn how to control my anger. what am I supposed to do if I am upset. and some of stuff. I'mma share you the tips on the next post.

so, readers.. have a great night.
I miss you so much.
and I love you as always. ;)

-edited part-
well, I forgot something!

see the red watch?
okay my sister give me that as a late-birthday-present.
now the problem is: it's RED. I like red. but I have no idea how to mix and match red watch. if I wear something purple or yellow, it's gonna be weird.

I feel bad because I think I want to change the chain. but it seems like I didn't appreciate her choice.
well, I'm still working on it until I updated about it on the next post.
please give me any idea.
thank u.
love you [again]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

you are the best thing, that's ever been mine..

you were in college working part time waiting tables
left a small town, never looked back
I was a flight risk with a fear of falling
wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts

I say "can you believe it?
as we’re lying on the couch?"
the moment I can see it.
yes, yes, I can see it now.

do you remember, we were sitting there by the water?
you put your arm around me for the first time.
you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

flash forward and we’re taking on the world together,
and there’s a drawer of my things at your place.
you learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded,
you say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes.

but we got bills to pay,
we got nothing figured out,
when it was hard to take,
yes, yes, this is what I thought about.

do you remember, we were sitting there, by the water?
you put your arm around me for the first time
you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

do you remember all the city lights on the water?
you saw me start to believe for the first time
you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.

and I remember that fight
2:30 AM
as everything was slipping right out of our hands
I ran out crying and you followed me out into the street
braced myself for the "Goodbye"
‘cause that’s all I’ve ever known
then you took me by surprise
you said, "I’ll never leave you alone."

you said,
"I remember how we felt sitting by the water
and every time I look at you, it’s like the first time
I fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter
she is the best thing that’s ever been mine."

hold on, make it last
hold on, never turn back

you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.
yes yes, I can see it now.

ps: check out 1:56 - 2:05


if you are wondering why am I posted these videos, well..

about that "hold you down" below, I fell in love with that song since I was on junior high school.
about 13 or 14 years old. I saw the video and I was like "I will treat my future boyfriend just like that". lol. but for real, that's what I was thinking about.
I mean, I never really care how the boys will treat me, but I'll try to be there when they need me.
some of the boys treat me sooooo bad just because I am fat. and dark. and you know what? it makes me like black man. because they will never treat me bad because I am dark. :)
back to the topic, I just want to tell you, readers, that whenever you love someone, don't think about yourself. because if you do that and he didn't treat you right, you won't treat him right too.
me myself, every time I feel like giving up, I think about everything I go through. so then, I won't give up. ;)
you know sometimes we need to work hard for just one relationship. and we are the ones who decided which one worth to fighting for.
well, sometimes, I get hurt. but I don't mind (and I start used to it), because for me, the main thing is I love him and I'll do the best that I can.


that's for the first video below.
now let's talk about this video up there.
hmm. what am I supposed to tell? I just like the story in this video.
I want to think that not all boys have the same characters, but I don't know yet.
I just hope and learn to believe that they don't have same characters.
that's it. about the title of this post, I love the sentence. :D
and, I just really hope that he'll be the best thing that's ever been mine. :)

04:32 pm.
and you, you readers, are the best unknown friends that's ever been mine. :)
love you.

hold you down

now you've been holding me down
for such a long time now
from back then
to now in my story
straight from the hood
you've always been there for me
and ya had my back when everybody said I wasn't anything
it was you who had me holding on
no matter what was going on
so whatever you need I got you

reminiscing that 6 train from way back
now its sky blue phantoms and stretch may backs
sweeping them floors in them Bronx apartments
mira esta que on that red carpet
with Pun died you was the first to call me
I never told you but you was there for me
whatever you need, I'll be there for you
crack - I got ya back for real (true story)

now my loyalty, will always be with you, if you just promise me
that you'll stay real just like you are
'cause baby you don't have to change, no..

you don't know how much you mean to me
whenever you down, you know that you can lean on me
no matter the situation, boy, I'm gon' hold you down

2005 Rakim and Jody Watley
why'd she paint such a picture so perfect quite possibly
the real expression from BX to South Beach
I'mma always hold you down
you can count on me

so remember this whenever I call
we go back too far
we've been through it all
even though we haven't spoke in so long
ain't nothing changed

now my loyalty, will always be with you, if you just promise me
that you'll stay real just like you are
cause baby you don't have to change because
you don't know how much you mean to me
whenever you down, you know that you can lean on me
no matter the situation, boy, I'm gon' hold you down

like green, it's the autumns
things will stay
this industry, yeah, I fought made me this way
get between me and J.Lo
I simply stay
you better off sweepin' leaves
on a windy day (no)

so I don't care about the situation
I'ma ride for you if there's a complication

every time you had my back and all
when we were young now you Joe, we crackin' off

now my loyalty, will always be with you, if you just promise me
that you'll stay real just like you are
'cause baby you don't have to change because

you don't know how much you mean to me
whenever you down, you know that you can lean on me
no matter the situation, boy, I'm gon' hold you down


Monday, January 24, 2011

Kisi-Kisi Sistem Informasi Akuntansi (SIA) Part II

well, setelah poto2 doang ternyata berujung protes dari beberapa pihak, ini dia format textnya. :D
baru dapet. -.-"
big thanks to Yoshi Alyosa for the .docx format. :-*
so, enjoy this, guys. :)
oia, untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut, silakan pingbox gw.
buat bagannya, bisa kalian screenshoot sendiri ya dari poto kemaren SIA_13 - SIA_15. :D
gw masih ada mentahan e-mailnya. so, silakan hubungi gw, ato leave comment dengan e-mail kalian. :) *ga bakal gw approve commentnya. :)
thank you.

SOAL (sama jawaban tentunya :p)
1. Informasi akuntansi yang dihasilkan oleh SIA dibedakan menjadi 2, salah satunya yaitu :

a. Informasi akuntasi keuangan
b. Informasi akuntansi anggaran
c. Informasi akuntansi jurnal
d. Informasi akuntansi biaya

2. System informasi memiliki tujuan yang dapat dicapai dengan cara :

a. Memproses transaksi yang timbul dari sumber ektern dan intern
b. Manginput data yang timbul dari sumber ekstern dan intern
c. Mencari output mana yang akan menghasilkan data
d. Menyimpan laporan yang bersumber dari data transaksi

3. Buku pertama yang digunakan untuk mencatat transaksi keuangan perusahaan disebut :

a. Jurnal
b. Buku besar
c. Neraca saldo

d. Laporan rugi laba

4. Bidang akuntansi yang mengolah tramsaksi keuangan perusahaan dan menghasilkanlaporan keuangan adalah :

a. Akuntansi manajemen
b. Akuntansi biaya
c. Akuntansi keuangan
d. Akuntansi pajak

5. Fungsi system informasi akuntansi dalam organisasi adalah :

a. Mengumpulkan dan menyimpan aktivitas yang dilaksanakan disuatu organisasi, sumber daya yang dipengaruhi oleh aktivitas-aktivitas tersebut dan para pelaku dalam aktivitas tersebut
b. Mengubah data menjadi informasi yang berguna bagi pihak manajemen
c. Menyediakan pengendalian yang memadai
d. Semua jawaban benar

6. Cara system informasi akuntansi menambah nilai organisasi adalah :

a. Memperbaiki kualitas dan mengurangi biaya untuk menghasilkan produk dan jasa
b. Meningkatkan efisiensi
c. Memperbaiki pengambilan keputusan
d. Semua jawaban benar

7. Perbedaan SIA dengan CBIS lain, kecuali :

a. Menangani data rinci
b. Tidak terlihat pada prosedur standar
c. Melaksanakan tugas yang diperlukan
d. Meyediakan informasi pemecahan minimal

8. Unsur-unsur yang mempengaruhi penerapan SIA adalah sebagai berikut, kecuali :

a. Analisa Perilaku
b. Spesialis Informasi
c. Metode kuantitatif
d. Penggunaan computer

9. Dalam Sistem Informasi Akuntansi (SIA) Pembelian, fungsi-fungsi yang terkait adalah, kecuali :

a. Fungsi Produksi
b. Fungsi Gudang
c. Fungsi Pembelian
d. Fungsi Akuntansi

10. Yang tidak termasuk dalam elemen system adalah :

a. Input
b. Output
c. Tujuan
d. Informasi

11. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar melakukan pembelian barang dari fungsi pembelian adalah dokumen :

a. Surat permintaan pembelian
b. Surat permintaan barang ke bagian gudang
c. Surat order pembelian
d. Surat permintaan penawaran harga

12. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar oleh fungsi penerima barang atas barang yang diterima adalah :

a. Surat permintaan pembelian
b. Surat permintaan barang ke bagian gudang
c. Surat order pembelian
d. Surat permintaan penawaran harga

13. Dokumen yang dibuat oleh fungsi penerima barang adalah :

a. Faktur pembelian
b. Faktur penjualan
c. Laporan penerimaan barang
d. Surat order pembelian

14. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar untuk mencatat pembelian barang adalah :

a. Faktur pembelian
b. Faktur penjualan
c. Laporan penerimaan barang
d. Surat order pembelian

15. Metode-metode yang terdapat dalam pengurusan piutang dagang adalah :

a. Metode faktur terbuka
b. Metode penagihan
c. Metode penerimaan kas
d. Metode pesanan

16. Fungsi yang membuat surat order pembelian adalah :

a. Fungsi produksi
b. Fungsi pembelian
c. Fungsi gudang
d. Pimpinan

17. Pada fungsi produksi mendata kebutuhan barang diperlukan file :

a. File permintaan barang
b. File barang
c. File pemasok
d. File pelanggan

18. Pada saat fungsi pembelian mengirim surat kepada pemasok untuk meminta surat penawaran harga diperlukan file, kecuali :

a. File barang
b. File pelanggan
c. File pemasok
d. Tidak ada jawaban yang benar

19. File yang diperlukan dalam proses pencatatan biaya bahan adalah :

a. File bahan
b. File rekening
c. File produksi
d. File biaya produksi

20. Dalam system informasi akuntansi pembelian pimpinan perusahaan akan memperoleh laporan :

a. Penerimaan barang
b. Permintaan pembelian
c. Order pembelian
d. Pembelian

21. Catatan akuntansi yang digunakan dalam system informasi akuntansi pembelian adalah, kecuali :

a. Jurnal pembelian
b. Kartu utang
c. Kartu persediaan
d. Bukti kas masuk

22. Prinsip pengendalian intern yang harus ada dalam system informasi akuntansi pembelian adalah, kecuali :

a. Setiap pembelian harus didasarkan pada order pembelian
b. Barang yang diterima harus sesuai dengan spesifikasi dalam order pembelian
c. Faktur pembelian harus diperiksa kebenarannya dicocokkan dengan surat penerimaan barang
d. Tidak ada jawaban yang benar

23. Dibawah ini terdapat empat (4) kegiatan dalam sikluspendapatan, kecuali :

a. Pesanan
b. Pengiriman
c. Persediaan
d. Penagihan Kas

24. Tujuan utama dalam siklus pengeluaran adalah :

a. Melakukan pengiriman
b. Membuat faktur
c. Meminimalkan biaya total
d. Melakukan order penjualan

25. Tiga aktivitas dasar dalam siklus pengeluaran, kecuali :

a. Melakukan pengiriman barang, perlengkapan, dan jasa (layanan)
b. Memesan bayar, perlengkapan, dan jasa (layanan)
c. Menerima dan menyimpan barang, perlengkapan, dan jasa (layanan)
d. Membayar barang, perlengkapan, dan jasa (layanan)

26. Metode pengendalian persediaan tradisional sering juga disebut dengan EOQ, apa yang dimaksud dengan EOQ :

a. Kuantitas pembelian ekonomis
b. Kuantitas pesanan ekonomis
c. Kuantitas pengiriman ekonomis
d. Kuantitas penerimaan ekonomis

27. JIT merupakan metode pengendalian persediaan alternative yang dapat digunakan dalam EOQ dan MRP, apa kepanjangan dari JIT :

a. Just In Trade
b. Just In Time
c. Just In Total
d. Just In Technology

28. Elemen biaya produksi terdiri dati tiga kelompok biaya, kecuali :

a. Biaya bahan
b. Biaya tenaga kerja langsung
c. Biaya listrik
d. Biaya overhead pabrik

29. Yang membuat order produksi adalah fungsi :

a. Penjualan
b. Produksi
c. Gudang
d. Keuangan

30. Yang membuat surat permintaan barang dari gudang dalam system informasi akuntansi biaya produksi adalah fungsi :

a. Gudang
b. Produksi
c. Penjualan
d. Pembelian

31. Yang bukan merupakan prosedur pembentuk biaya produksi adalah :

a. Prosedur order produksi
b. Prosedur pengepakan
c. Prosedur permintaan dan pengeluaran barang gudang
d. Prosedur pencatatan biaya tenaga kerja langsung

32. Faktor-faktor apakah yang perlu dipertimbangkan dalam mengambil keputusan untuk menentukan pemasok (vendor) yang akan digunakan :

a. Harga, kualitas, dan bahan baku
b. Pengiriman yang tidak dapat diandalkan
c. Minimalitas dalam kualitas
d. Pemaksimalan harga

33. Aktivitas dasar dalam siklus produksi, yaitu :

a. Pesanan
b. Pengiriman barang
c. Perancangan produk
d. Penagihan kas

34. Aktivitas perancangan produk menciptakan dua (2) dokumen utama, yaitu :

a. Daftar bahan baku dan daftar operasi
b. Daftar harga dan daftar pesanan
c. Daftar pengiriman dan daftar pembelian
d. Daftar penagihan kas dan daftar bahan baku

35. Surat order produksi diotorisasi oleh kepala bagian fungsi :

a. Produksi
b. Gudang
c. Penjualan
d. Pembelian

36. Unsur pengendalian intern dalam system informasi akuntansi biaya produksi adalah, kecuali :

a. Fungsi pencatat biaya produksi harus terpisah dengan fungsi produksi
b. Fungsi pencatat biaya harus terpisah dari fungsi yang menganggarkan biaya produksi
c. Fungsi gudang tidak harus terpisah dari fungsi produksi
d. Tidak ada jawaban yang benar

37. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar pencatatan biaya bahan adalah, kecuali :

a. Surat pengeluaran barang dari gudang
b. Surat pengembalian barang dari gudang
c. Surat order produksi
d. Tidak ada jawaban yang benar

38. Kartu jam kerja diotorisasi oleh kepala fungsi :

a. Personalia
b. Keuangan
c. Produksi
d. Gudang

39. Absensi tenaga kerja langsung dilakukan oleh fungsi :

a. Gudang
b. Tenaga kerja
c. Personalia
d. Produksi

40. Pada saat proses absensi diperlukan file :

a. Absensi
b. Tenaga kerja
c. Produksi
d. Bahan baku

41. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) :

a. Penggunaan berbagai bentuk teknologi dalam pengiriman
b. Penggunaan berbagai bentuk teknologi dalam pembelian
c. Penggunaan berbagai bentuk teknologi dalam penagihan kas
d. Penggunaan berbagai bentuk teknologi dalam proses produksi

42. Berikut ini adalah data-data yang dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan dalam operasi produksinya, kecuali :

a. Bahan baku yang digunakan
b. Cara pengiriman yang dilakukan
c. Jam tenaga kerja yang digunakan
d. Operasi mesin yang dilakukan

43. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar pembuatan faktur penjualan adalah :

a. Faktur penjualan
b. Surat pengiriman barang
c. Order penjualan
d. Surat penawaran barang

44. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar pencatatan penjualan barang adalah :

a. Faktur penjualan
b. Surat pengiriman barang
c. Order penjualan
d. Surat penawaran barang

45. Fungsi yang terlibat dalam system informasi akuntansi penjualan , kecuali :

a. Penjualan
b. Akuntansi
c. Gudang
d. Kredit

46. Dokumen yang digunakan sebagai dasar pembuatan surat pengiriman barang adalah :

a. Faktur penjualan
b. Surat pengiriman barang
c. Order penjualan
d. Surat penawaran barang

47. Fungsi yang terkait dalam system informasi akuntansi penerimaan kas dari penerimaan penjualan tunai adalah, kecuali :

a. Penjualan
b. Kas
c. Produksi
d. Pengiriman

48. Bagian yang bertugas mengirim kwitansi sebagai tanda penerimaan kas kepada debitur dalam system informasi akuntansi penerimaan kas dari piutang adalah :

a. Bagian gudang
b. Bagian penjualan
c. Bagian piutang
d. Bagian kas

49. Dokumen yang digunakan dalam system informasi akuntansi penerimaan kas dari penjualan tunai, kecuali :

a. Faktur penjualan tunai
b. Pita register kas
c. Faktur penjualan COD
d. Semua jawaban benar

50. Bagian yang bertugas membuat daftar piutang yang sudah saatnya ditagih kepada bagian penagih dalam system informasi akuntansi penerimaan kas dari piutang adalah :

a. Bagian gudang
b. Bagian penjualan
c. Bagian piutang
d. Bagian kas

51. Laporan yang dihasilkan oleh system informasi akuntansi penerimaan kas dan pengeluaran kas yang ditujukan kepada pimpinan perusahaan adalah :

a. Laporan penerimaan dan pengeluaran kas
b. Laporan penjualan
c. Laporan penagihan
d. Laporan surat pemberitahuan

52. Fungsi yang bertugas menyetorkan uang ke bank dalam system informasi akuntansi penerimaan dan pengeluaran kas adalah :

a. Akunatansi
b. Penjualan
c. Piutang
d. Kas

53. Fungsi yang membuat daftar surat pemberitahuan pembayaran oleh debitur beserta cek yang diterima adalah :

a. Gudang
b. Piutang
c. Secretariat
d. Kas

54. Pada saat proses pembuatan daftar piutang diperlukan file :

a. Penjualan
b. Pelanggan
c. Pemasok
d. Karyawan

55. Fungsi yang menerima cek dari fungsi secretariat adalah :

a. Bagian gudang
b. Bagian penjualan
c. Bagian piutang
d. Bagian kas

56. Fungsi yang bertugas menerima surat pemberitahuan adanya pembayaran poleh debitur adalah :

a. Gudang
b. Piutang
c. Secretariat
d. Kas

57. Adanya sisteminformasi akuntansi pengganjian dan pengupahan pada perusahaan diharapkan dapat, kecuali :

a. Memotivasi semangat kerja karyawan baik yang produktif dan yang kurang produktif
b. Tercapainya efisiensi dan efektifitas biaya tenaga kerja
c. Mendorong tercapainya laba perusahaan
d. Adanya pemborosan biaya

58. Dokumen yang digunakan dalam system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan adalah, kecuali :

a. Kartu jam kerja
b. Surat lamaran kerja
c. Dokumen pendukung perubahan gaji
d. Kartu jam hadir

59. Dokumen yang digunakan oleh fungsi pencatat waktu untuk mencatat jam hadir setiap karyawan di perusahaan adalah :

a. Kartu jam kerja
b. Kartu jam hadir
c. Surat pernyataan gaji dan upah
d. Dokumen pendukung perubahan gaji

60. Dokumen yang dikeluarkan oleh fungsi kepegawaian berupa surat keputusan yang berhubungan dengan karyawan yang dikirim ke fungsi pembuat daftar gaji dan upah adalah :

a. Kartu jam kerja
b. Kartu jam hadir
c. Surat pernyataan gaji dan upah
d. Dokumen pendukung perubahan gaji dan upah

61. Fungsi yang terkait dengan system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan adalah, kecuali :

a. Fungsi kepegawaian
b. Fungsi pencatat waktu
c. Fungsi pembuat daftar gaji dan upah
d. Fungsi akuntansi

62. Dokumen yang berisi ringkasan gaji per-departemen atau per-bagian, yang dibuat berdasarkan daftar gaji adalah :

a. Daftar gaji dan upah
b. Rekap daftar gaji dan upah
c. Surat pernyataan gaji dan upah
d. Bukti kas keluar

63. Dokumen yang digunakan untuk mencatat waktu yang dikonsumsi tenaga kerja langsung pada perusahaan yang diproduksi berdasarkan pesanan adalah :

a. Kartu jam kerja
b. Kartu jam hadir
c. Surat pernyataan gaji dan upah
d. Dokumen pendukung perubahan gaji

64. Dokumen yang memuat informasi mengenai jumlah gaji bruto tiap karyawan, potongan-potongan serta jumlah gaji netto tiap karyawan dalam suatu periode pembayaran adalah :

a. Daftar gaji dan upah
b. Rekap gaji dan upah
c. Surat pernyataan gaji dan upah
d. Bukti kas keluar

65. Jaringan prosedur yang membentuk system informasi akuntansi adalah, kecuali :

a. Prosedur personalia
b. Prosedur pencatatan waktu
c. Prosedur penggajian dan pengupahan
d. Prosedur recruitment

66. Berikut ini adalah system pengendalian intern dalam sistem informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan diliat dari system wewenang dan prosedur pencatatan adalah, kecuali :

a. Setiap orang yang namanya tercantum dalam daftar gaji dan upah harus memiliki surat keputusan pengangkatan sebagai karyawan perusahaan yang ditandatangani oleh direktur utama
b. Setiap perubahan gaji dan upah karyawan karena perubahan pangkat, perubahan tarif gaji dan upah, tambahan keluarga harus didasarkan pada surat keputusan direktur keuangan
c. Daftar gaji dan upah harus diotorisasi oleh direktur utama
d. Perubahan dalam catatan penghasilan karyawan direkonsiliasi dengan daftar gaji dan upah karyawan

67. Berikut ini adalah system pengendalian intern dalam system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan dilihat dari praktek yang sehat adalah, kecuali :

a. Kartu jam hadir harus dibandingkan dengan kartu jam kerja sebelum kartu yang terakhir dipakai sebagai dasar distribusi biaya tenaga kerja langsung
b. Pembuatan daftar gaji dan upah harus diverifikasi kebenarannya dan ketelitian perhitungannya oleh fungsi akuntansi keuangan sebelum dilakukan pembayaran
c. Perhitungan pajak penghasilan karyawan direkonsiliasi dengan catatan penghasilan karyawan
d. Catatan penghasilan karyawan disimpan oleh fungsi keuangan

68. Berikut ini adalah prosedur system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan, kecuali :

a. Prosedur pencatatan waktu hadir
b. Prosedur distribusi biaya gaji dan upah
c. Prosedur pembuatan daftar gaji
d. Tidak ada jawaban yang benar

69. Berikut ini adalah system pengendalian intern dalam system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan dari segi struktur organisasi adalah, kecuali :

a. Fungsi pembuat daftar gaji dan upah harus terpisah dari fungsi pembayaran gaji
b. Fungsi pencatatan waktu hadir harus terpisah dari fungsi operasi
c. Fungsi pencatat waktu harus terpisah dengan fungsi pembuat daftra gaji
d. Fungsi pembuat daftar gaji harus sama dengan fungsi pembayaran gaji

70. Formulir yang digunakan oleh fungsi pencatat watu dalam system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan adalah, kecuali :

a. Catatan waktu hadir
b. Catatan waktu kerja
c. Kombinasi catatan waktu hadir dan waktu kerja
d. Kartu jam kerja

71. Formulir yang digunakan oleh fungsi penggajian dan pengupahan dalam system informasi akuntansi penggajian dan pengupahan adalah, kecuali :

a. Daftar daji dan chek register
b. Cek gaji dan amplop gaji
c. Laporan gaji karyawan
d. Rekap daftar gaji dan upah

72. Lengkapi gambar siklus penerimaan dibawah ini :

a. Kredit
b. Faktur
c. Pengeluaran kas
d. Kas

73. Lengkapi gambar siklus pembelian dibawah ini :

a. Kredit
b. Faktur
c. Pengeluaran kas
d. Kas

74. Gambar dibawah ini merupakan gambar dari siklus :

a. Siklus penerimaan
b. Siklus pembelian
c. Siklus produksi
d. Siklus penggajian

75. Gambar dibawah ini merupakan gambar dari siklus :

a. Siklus penerimaan
b. Siklus pembelian
c. Siklus produksi
d. Siklus penggajian

selamat belajar. :D/

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kisi-Kisi Sistem Informasi Akuntansi (SIA)

ini ada kisi-kisi. gue ngasih linknya aja yah.. kalo bisa, di "open link in new tab".
oia, ukuran picnya rada gede. resolusinya juga gede. jadi, sangat disarankan, jangan buka yang lain dulu kalo emang bandwith kalian ga kuat.
total ada 15 picture. udah gue urutin dari nomor 1 sampe nomor 15.
jawabannya ada di lembar soal dan udah di bold.
kalo ada yang mau ditanyain, pingbox nyala terus kok. just ask. ;]


selamat belajar. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what a day!

whoa. what a day.
I go to sleep at 1:03 today. well, I didn't go to sleep.
I feel asleep. see the difference?
okay, I was so sleepy, but I have to do something at 2, so I try to learn something from the paper because I have to face my final terms early in the morning.
but then, I can't help it anymore and just sleep. I put 4 alarms because of this important thing I need to do at 2.
01:45, 01:50, 01:55, 02:00
and you know what? I missed it. I'm awake at 2:11. and I was like "shit, I did it again!". and I know I did it. mistake.


okay, next, I go back to sleep again at 02:30. after I send an e-mail
I am sooooooo sleepy.
and I wake up at 06:30 in the morning. it was a rainy morning. and it's cold because we don't have any warm water here.
woho. and, I go bathing, change clothes, send an e-mail again, then read stuffs so I can fill some things on my paper.


08.00 I just arrived at my class.
have a lil chit chat until the bell rings.
60 minutes for 40 question. and, I have this weakness. I can't make a perfect circle without the ruler.
so it takes longer for me to finish the paper. and thank God, I can do it.


back from class, four of us (you know us), go to find some lunch. and I have to change the battery of my watch.
aaaaand, I got asthma attack.
sial, I was like "I need to go home. but I need to change this watch battery as soon as possible".
so I decided not to come to my place to take the meds, but we go to find what we need to.
I already change the watch's battery. and we have lunch.


that's the emergency med of my asthma.
I'm still cough but, I feel better.
don't take this as a promotion. take this as a tip. if you have asthma and forget to bring your pump, take honey. :) *and don't do things that can make you tired. even it's just laughing. :|


I'm home at 13:00.
asking about my job, go to sleep for a while. and set the alarm at 16:00 because first, I need to send an e-mail. and second, I have an appointment at 16:30.
job appointment.
takes less than 3 minutes. he just needs to deliver me something so I can learn how to use it.


I start working at 18:00 I think.
some people keep asking me what am I doing. what is my job. well, let me show you a screen-capture about what am I doing.

this is what am I doing.
it's the newest.
well, there's no relation between facebook and my job. I just want you to know that this is the way I do multitasking.
mozilla for browse the data.
and excel sheet is the place I supposed to input the data on. :)
I have 9 collumns. and about 72 x 14 stuffs.
so I think I have to input about 72 x 14 x 9 = 9072 stuffs.
and I need to finish this as soon as I can.
welcome to the jungle!
and don't forget, I still have to face the final terms. :p
thank God I got 2 days off before the next terms. :)


now, I am about to watch King Of Thorn.
googling it. :p it's an anime.
after I watch this, I will tell you where you can find some short articles talking about this anime. :)


11:39 pm
so, that's my day.
what about yours? :)
and my personal message for you today is: learn to forgive.
I am not the kind of hater. I mean, I mad for something for one day, and the next day I already forget about it. why? because, I don't want to know that if I hate someone, I can imagine that there's someone out there who hates me too.
you don't want it happens to you, do you? :D
well, I'mma watch the movie.
keep u posted. lol. :D
I love you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

urbanfacebook. lol.

night, readers. :">
long time no see (?)


okay. let's start
hmm. I am doing nothing today. it's rainy outside so I just stepped out my room about 20 minutes ago. or less. :D
I just stepped out because I need water and I have to hang up my towel. :D *just finished bathing though. :D


my facebook's profile changed today. I mean, people already changed their about a month. but I don't want this new facebook profile because it sucks.
buuuuuut, not too suck tho. I've been playing with the display photos above.
wait let me show you. :D

this is the newest look of my profile.
see the "photos of me" thumbnails? well. I work hard to make that "" picture. :)

see it clearly?
well, you can still click the picture to enlarge it. *every photo in this blog can be enlarge by clicking on it. :D
what do you think?


beside the bad layouts of the new profile, I am glad I can promote my site LARGELY. lol.
every person who visits my profile, can see the big site on it. :))=))
okaaaay. now let me tell you why I didn't put some facebook badge on my site.

first, it takes more spaces. I can't put a different badge size on my site. you see the pingbox and twitter badge? well, they have same size. same width especially.
aaaand, if I put my facebook badge on the column, it takes more space. so, forget it.

second, I have an unique name. you googling me, you got me. you twittering me, you got me. so? I can't hide, because you always got me. :)
according to facebook, I am the only person named like that in their database. you search me, you'll got me. :D

and the last reason is I promote this site on my facebook. most of you, readers, I think got this site on my facebook. the other, maybe on my twitter and google. so? why am I supposed to promote my facebook if you know this site from my facebook? that's retarded.


what else?
oh. I invented a new word today. "drag king".
yeeeeaaaahh. drag king.
I invented that because I found that wiki contains "drag queen" which is mean, a man who dressed like a woman. so I invented the opposite. a woman, who dressed like a man. booyaaaalll! :D
I already put it on urban dictionary. and I wish they'll accept it. :)


10:06 pm
I remember someone asked me today: "what makes you love him?"
I said: "don't ask. it's like you asking me how the water taste like"
and she said: "see? when you really love someone you'll have no reason. all you know is you just love him"
aaaaand. I'm smiling so hard while read her chat.

so, if you still find a reason why you love your partner now and plan to move on one step *you know what I mean*, make sure you really love them before you move on. :)

well, goodnight. I love you, readers. :*

ps: ooh. I forgot something. I hate this new facebook layouts because it's not contain my newest statuses beside my name! so, pay attention to the little status on the picture. :*

Monday, January 17, 2011

too much

I do post too much today. but who cares?
I didn't post anything yet about me and my life. :))=))
soooooo.. where am I supposed to start?


well, I think I already told you about me and 3 others bought 4 bracelets.
now let me show you

click it to enlarge, readers. :D

well, that's it. ankhey and ana wears some blacks. and mine and zesy's are silvers. :D
that picture above, taken on 15th of January 2011. :D
that's why I am wearing blacks. because it's my dad anniversary, remember?


andddd.. I cook again! :))
I love cook this Canelli Soup.

but I do cook too much tonight.
so I have to finish it! whoa. :D
thank god they're oats and not rice. because I will be totally full if it's rice!
this one cooked in a rush. lol.
I will show you *later* same food, better portion, and better look, which is I cooked last year. :D
honestly, I am thinking about doing some diet. but I can't because I do love eat for now.
multitasking can't even stop me. so I decided to do cooking again. and oats again.
if you want to do some diet, you can try my recipes :D
Corn, Chopped Carrot, Peas, Beans


  1. Boil Water
  2. Put in the vegetables. let them cooked.
  3. Put the chopped tomatoes. don't cook it too long.
  4. Put in the egg. stir them up for 2 minutes.
  5. Put the oats. cook until it coagulates. :)
  6. Ready to serve!! :D
that's it. :D put some salt if you want. :D


aaand. I want to tell you something readers.
don't mess up with people who put their trust in you.
once you lost their trust, you will never get it back.
even though you get it back, they won't trust you like they ever did before.
heyy, I'm just saying. :D
because it's really hard to know there's someone out there who doesn't believe you.
trust me. I know how it feels like. I will always know. ;]


okay, readers. I do a lot of stuff too much. :D
I post too much, I cook too much today. :))
and of course, I eat too much. :))=))
I love extra world so I don't care. :D


11:18 pm
so, I want to ask you one question. what kind of topic do you want me to tell you?
I mean, maybe you hate my posts. or maybe you bored.
so tell me what part of my life *if you know me*
or tell me what kind of story you want and if I ever been in that condition, I'll try to let you know. :)

no more boyfriend post start from now. so maybe I will post Indonesian post more often. :D
no no no. we're fine. :) me and my crazy man, we're doing great. :)
I just don't want to post it in here. :D
you will be bored. :p

good night, readers.
have a nice sleep.
I love you. :*

halo, I got my angel now. :)

it's just a little thanks from me to you, readers.
thank you for being an angel to me.
for being a great friend.
for giving me advices and supports whenever I need them.
thank you for making me feel loved. :)

I love you, readers.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Need This

malem, readers. :))
kangen euy posting pake bahasa ibu.
cumaaaaaaa berhubung ini blog mau go international, belakangan mulai pake bahasa inggris yang acak-acakan abis. :))


soooo.. inget postingan tahun lalu ngga? gue lupa judulnya, readers. pokoknya gue cerita soal temen gue yang curhat ke gue belum siap jadi ayah..
nah, istrinya udah ngelahirin. so, he's a father now. gue harap sih, dia bisa jadi bokap yang baik. :)


belakangan gue lagi banyak makan, readers. -_____________-"
makaaaan mulu kerjaannya. ga pagi, siang, sore, malem, ni mulut tiada henti-hentinya pengen ngunyah.
gue sebagai pemilik mulut yang baik, tentu saja harus melayani mulutnya dong. :">
kayaknya berat gue naik lagi nih. -.-"
bodo ah. :))=))


so, apa yah? gue juga bingung sebenernya mau posting apa. ada beberapa picture yang pengen gue posting, cuma males ah. tar tar aja deh.
ada 1 video juga yang pengen gue kasih. cuma yah itu, tar tar aja deh. =))=))


eh eh, lagi denger lagu nih. jadi inget. pengen nge-share 1 lagu.
dari Chris Brown. judulnya I Need This. :)

Stop, where am I?
Shock, I can't cry
Pop, I need some space
No, this isn't me
Oh, please let me breathe
I'll be back sooner than you know

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah, I really need this

Whoa, I've been blind
I hope I'll be fine
Don't call me back, no
Yes, I see light
Now, it's so bright
Call my name, I'll be there soon

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah, I really need this
I need this [x2]
I really need this

You know it's not personal
Sorry if I'm hurting you
Please don't give up on me now
I needed this time alone
To know I could come back home
To breathe, breathe, breathe

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah

I really need this
I need this [x2]
Whoa [x2]
I really need
Whoaa [x2]
hey [x2]
I need...
I really really need
I need, I need this
I need this
I really need this [x3]

kenapa gue pengen bahas lagu ini? well. belakangan gue sering bikin pacar marah-marah. :))=))
naaaaaahh, gue kan orangnya ngga sabaran yah, readers.. jadi bisa-bisa gue ngomel-ngomel juga kalo ga ke kontrol.
ini lagu, amat sangat membantu gue menahan emosi gue. dan tentu aja, bisa bikin gue berpikir positif. :)
cukup easy-listening kok, readers. cobain aja. :) gue suka denger suaranya si Chris.
yah paling ngga, gue pengen readers bisa mikir positif kalo lagi berantem sama pasangan masing-masing. kalo dia ngga ngabarin, bukan berarti dia lupa kan? :)
mungkin dia cuma butuh space. bisa jadi, meskipun dia ngga ngabarin, dia justru amat sangat mikirin kalian. :D
keren kan kata-kata gue? :berbusa:


10:54 pm.
udah ah readers. :p
dah malem tauk. -.-"
pacar gue entah kemana. kangen padahal. :))
well, goodnight, readers.
I love you, all.

ps: main ke pingbox dong. lama ga ada yang nyapa. jadi kangen sama kalian. :*

Saturday, January 15, 2011


it's raining outside, readers. honestly, I want to study right now but I already lost my mood. :(
how are you?


well, yesterday is my mom and my dad 22nd anniversary if my father's still alive.
I called my mom last night, and I think she doesn't want to talk about it.
so I just say it.

I have a picture of them. newly wed. I think they took this picture in Kawah Putih. :) aaand. it maybe taken in 1989 or 1990. because my mom isn't pregnant yet. :D

they're cute, aren't they? :)
and my mom was soooooo slim.


today, my father is already gone for 4 years. and today is his "anniversary".
ironic, right? :')
it's like my father waits for every important day on 2006-2007. and he decided to left.

this is my daddy's grave..
I don't know if pink is his favorite color or he likes pink because he thinks he has 2 daughters and girls usually like pink.
my house dominated by pink, readers. especially the bathroom. :D

and when my dad is gone, my mom wants to put pink as his grave color. :)

my last vacation, I didn't visit his grave because I don't want to think that he is gone. I mean he always alive. here. in my heart..


hey! I want to show you a picture of my family when I was like 7 or 8. :D

look at my face. lmao. I can't even smile. :D
I know I have the greatest smile in the world, but, when I was a kid, I am so uncomfortable with my skin. :)


aaahh.. family is the greatest treasure in the world
one thing I've regret is I didn't say "happy anniversary dad" to him on his last day on earth.
I usually do that. but. my last conversation with him is only one sentence. :(

I miss him. and I love him.
I love my mom too.
and my sister. :)

oh, and I love you, readers.

ps: it's 10:52 am. :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

everyone needs friends

hmhmhm. :)
the last 2 days is not too bad.
sorry I just have time to post something here.
whassup readers?
miss me? :p


okay, so yesterday, 12th of january, is the first day of final terms.
I think mine is not so good, because I hadn't learn anything. -.-"
well, I can answer 15 questions of 40 questions. -.-"


still on the same day, me, ana, sezy, and ankhey *she's new in the gang. :))=))
we went hang out. :D
look for food, look for stuff and many other.
we - me, ana, and zesy - feel bad about her has no friend in her class right now.
I said "you're not in human class. it's devil's."
why? because her friends act like she is not their friend. I mean, she is not the member of that f#cking class.
I don't like that fact.
my KA02 is way better than that. I mean, she's even there! me myself, when I was on my holiday, I still got texts from my class-leader about everything they go through in Depok. so, that's a mistake when she's in Depok and her friends never tell her anything. shit. that's sucks.
so we decided that she needs to be with us. and here we go. there's 4 of us naw. :x

ankhey, zesy, me, ana


and today, we're taking care of our problems.
first, we pay our school payments. :D
then, we're take ankhey to fix her problem with her class. she wants to move to my class. :)
and she's very welcome.
buuuuuuuuuuut, they didn't allow her to move. :(
we're sad.
but we said, she can takes our lessons if she wants. so she will be in our class even though in the end, she's still a member of her old crap-class. >:)


oh oh. we bought 4 bracelets. 2 blacks and 2 silvers. :)
ankhey and ana wear the blacks. me and zesy wear the silvers. show you the picture later.


EATING become our VERY BAD HABIT since we've been together. lmao.
when we hang out, we spend a lot of money for food. :9
I love food though.
but I still need to diet. -.-"


honestly, I miss my boyfriend right now. I wonder if he ever thinks about me for a day.
I want him to be here. just to talk with me.
but I understand that he's tired because if his work and he still sleep now.
I hope he wakes up before I go to sleep.

two days before the day. I love you readers. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


okay. holiday is done. :) it's time to go back to the real world.
so here I am back to typing to you, readers.


yesterday I went out to buy some things. I bought a lot of food. :D
I love food, tho. :) breads, cheesecake, kwetiau, crepes, and many other.
I won't gain any weight because sometimes, I feel don't like to eat something for 2 days.
oh, and I went out with ana. :) my best friend.


well, Imma facing final test. it takes 2 weeks.
so maybe you won't see me often.


and, I just pay attention to my birthday gift on my wall, it's a frame colored yellow and contains butterfly.
and for your info, I got a lot of butterfly stuff in my house.

why do I like butterfly?
it's because it's a beautiful thing that came from an ugly thing.
first, it was a caterpillar. a greedy caterpillar. it eats anything and destroys plants.
and then it metamorphose into this beautiful thing named butterfly.
different from the caterpillar, butterfly brings good things.
it didn't eat leaves and not that greedy. it takes honey from flowers. and it helps in the pollination process.
plus, I also love the symmetrical shape of butterfly.
and the beautiful color. even black butterfly won't look ugly. *no racist.


I will tell you something readers. but I'll about it first.
well, have a greaat day.
love you all.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

video(s) gallery

my birthday. :)

view from my favorite spot.
well, I took this video when I am on my way hanging out with my brother. :)
that's why it's move.
but for real, this is what you'll see from my favorite spot *have I told you about this?

this is when you reach the lower ground.
I live near the sea. so, this is it. :)

Bombat. :D
Jimbo's twin. :)
if you wanna see Jimbo first, check my youtube. because it's too large to upload in here. :)

these are the firework videos. :)
I am talking shit. :D

and these are the views when I go to and when I go back from my grandmomma's house. :)


well, I can't upload some big file.
so maybe I'll upload 'em on youtube.
but I think this is more than enough for you to know about my hometown.
well, visit me and my hometown if you have a spare time.
I love you, readers. :)
thanks. :*

holiday gallery

well, these are pictures from my holiday stuff. sort by the date.
click to enlarge. :)

me with the M sized dress. how do I look? ;;)

my sister and the great tree :)

me eat some fried banana and drink cappucino

Jimbo a.k.a Macan bites me :x

my christmas gift and birthday gift and birthday card. :x

my sister, my another sister, my another brother, and my brother. :)
new year's eve at my father's roof

me, my another sister, my sister

me and mom

me and my brother :D

how do I look with skirt and grandmom's tank top? :D
at my grandmom's house. :)

last day in my hometown. making new cover Halo by Beyonce. :)


if you want to see the firework video, go to the right bar of the screen and you'll find some videos of mine. check out my dog, too, readers. :)
well, that's it.
I love you. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

holiday story

hi readers!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh I miss you so..
aaaand. this is my holiday story for you.
hope you enjoy it! :)

ps: it's a very long story, that's why I put it on spoiler. :D just click the button to see it. :)

my holiday story. :)

25th dec 2010
happy Christmas!
I can't post anything on my blog now. so just let me typing here, in notepad.

I am pretty bored right now, readers. I've been waiting for 2 hours and 30 minutes.
nothing to do.
I just pay attention to people who pass and start commented on their style.
I want to hear music but it means, I will spend a lot of batteries. and I will be bored on the airplane.

I took some picture with webcam and cleary, I gain weight.
that's bad.
because I just bought 2 dresses and it won't fit anymore.

I am at a restaurant in the airport right now.
have no idea about what to do, so we (me and my sister) decided to eat something.
I still have 90 minutes until boarding, so don't worry about it.
wow. all the line above begin with "I". just realize that.
won't edit that.

I miss my boyfriend. he might be on the church spending Christmas eve with his kids.
it's 11:34 pm at 24th of dec in US.
gosh, I can't believe I fall in love again. he's the greatest bless this year.
thank God I found him.

3 days to my birthday.
I just wishes my mom will be there, but I know she won't because she had a job to do. I wish my cfho will be here too, but it's impossible. beside, he'll be here next year.
so, won't worry about that.

hey readers, I just remember. lol. me and my man plan a lot of things.
lol. what makes me laugh is he already had name for our kids
ps: he wants two. lol.
pao pao. that's the nickname for the boy.
fisshy is for the girl.
we will have fissheal junior I think. lol.
I think, it's okay. a lil' bit worry about the "pao pao" because I am not chinese. lol.
love him though.

11:41 am
one hour to boarding. totally booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeddddd.
nothing to do. I can't feel the christmas in here. it's like normal day. :(
can't wait to be home soon and wear a new dress. lol. pssshhh, it sized M. =))=))

well, readers, have a great Christmas even though you read this on January.
I love you. :)

26th dec 2010
2nd Christmas in the town.
well, I am waiting for my brother now. he's abput for taking me out with my sister.
this is the first time I go out with my step brother after almost 3 years we've been family.
excited enough though. he drives now. lol.

I miss depok already. I just realized that depok is become my hometown for the last half a year.
beside, this house changes so much. I can't recognized it anymore.
first time I arrived, I can't sleep. it's weird. I don't feel like home. I feel like living in someone else's place.

I went to church this morning and people commented about my new look.
of course I look skinnier. they don't see me for half a year!
I'm afraid of gaining some weights. first day here I already eat pork. sial.

oh, by the way, I have dog here. his name is Macan. and I called him Jimbo. a lil' bit confusing for him. :))
he barked at me last night but this afternoon I take him for a lil' walk. he's a very strong dog.
the chain hurts my hand when he tried to runaway.
at least, we're friend now. me and Macan. I'll post his picture later. :)

05:40 pm Depok time
I don't have any idea what takes my brother so long to be here.
can't wait to go out and having some fun.
love you, readers! :)

30th of december 3:32 morning
it's been four days since the last one.
I can't sleep. my mom in 8 hours and I have thousand secrets behind her.
I really really think I should tell her couple of them, but it stills under consideration.

well let's start from 27th of december.
I just met my junior hish school friends. they're Caroline, Christya, Joel, and Priska.
they've changed so much. especially Joel. lol.
four of us commented on his style. beside, he's driving now. :))=)) unbelievable.
we just ate pizza and then some chococheese banana fried
unforgettable enough. thanks guys. :*

next day after that, is my birthday. happy birthday to me! :D
my baby is not the first person who greets me.
by SMS, anna is the first one. best friend ever. :)
by twitter, there's @BlankHanks. big brother.
live performance, my cousin's first.
by facebook, not checked it yet.
by phone, my mom made it. but before mom's call, there is missed call from Muler. so I don't know which one is the first.
I got a present and a card from my best friends. I think I already told you about that.
what's inside, is a secret. :-$ :D

aaaand, the same day, on the night, my brother took me, my another brother, my other sister, and my sister for dinner.
but I don't think my sister and my another brother is on her mood, so she ruined my day.
that's probably the worst birthday ever.
well, I am officially 19 years old now. congratulation to me. :P

finally, yesterday. or I can say, last night?
well, my friend Caroline celebrates her birthday exactly one day after me.
29th of dec.
I want to come to her celebration, but I can't make it.
so I keep thinking about where will I go.

internet cafe. that's where I went to last night.
I tried to reply every single birthday greeting on my wall. buuuuuuuuut, the internet connection is sucks. so I just checked some stuff on twitter, try to upload a new video on youtube (but the hard disk is not recognized), check my gmail, yahoo mail, this blog, and facebook. :D
well, nothing special with facebook and twitter, because I open them everyday.
no new notification on gmail and yahoo.

then, me and my brother, just the two of us, planned to go out. find some place to go in the night.
I am hungry, so we decided to eat fried banana (again). :D
well, the storm were there, so we won't go out for a long time.
we have secret. but it only between us two. I can't even tell you, readers. sorry. pssshh.

so, now, here I am. typing some unimportant things.
I want to do this because by doing this I know how's my life's progress.
honestly, I am mad as hell last night because first of all, my friend don't wanna see me.
second is I lost on my hometown. *stupid
and the last one which is make me upset is my baby is busy.
well, it's normal if he's busy. I don't want to be selfish though.
but that night is the first time I can chat for a long time with him.
or maybe I just act like baby.
I just miss him. that is.

I have to go, readers. :)
I love you.
have a great night.

ps: Jimbo is fine. I'll upload his video biting my hand.

that's it, readers.
the next two posts above contain the pics and vids.
love you. :*