Sunday, January 30, 2011

holiday story part II

oops. I just read archives and realize that the holiday story that I post on January 8th is already finish.
so, I check it on my notepad *thank God I didn't delete it yet* and find out that there's one-week-story which I didn't post.
I don't want you to get unfinished story.
so. this is it. :)

part 2
January, 1st, 2011
Happy New Year, READERS!!!
Oh my. I am glad I still can type in 2011.
my baby keep telling me to update this site.
he has no idea that I am keep typing on notepad and I'll publish this later.
oops, I forgot it's new year in his place.
wait I'll tweet him.

okay done. :)
I just record some videos of my house too.
I'll show you readers. :)

well, last night is new year's eve.
it's great tho. we're gathering together. me, my father, my brothers, my sister, and my cousin.
I record like 10 videos of fireworks. <3>
it looks clear from 2nd floor of my father's house. :)

me and my brother go on the road, but when it's traffic, we decided to go back.
he'll be tired, he said.

my sister back to Jakarta this morning. and I just got a message from her say she already arrived.
I said, just text me when you're in tangerang already.

oh by the way, Jimbo (a.k.a Macan), have a twin! waow. his name is Bombat. lol.
I saw him last night on my father's roof. and they have a puppy named Molly too. :D
that's great.
it seems like Bombat afraid of fireworks. he keeps quiet all the time.
but I swear, he looks exactly like Jimbo.
I imagine how if they met when they two already separated for 4 months?
will they know each other?

sun shines soooooo bad this afternoon.
damn. it's hot.
even Jimbo don't cry because he busy let his tongue out. lmaabo.

I've planned nothing today. maybe I'll just manage Vessel for today.
I miss you, readers. love you. <3>

January 3rd, 2011
hey there, readers. I bet you already back to your daily activity.
so do I.
well, I am not going back to Jakarta yet.
I am still here. but days is going like usual.
people go to work, busy day though.

I just clean up the house, wash the dishes, and take a bath.
now I am here, post something on notepad and plan to post it later on my blog.

yesterday, I went to my grandmomma's house.
people said I look skinnier. lmao.
I don't eat too much. talk with a lot of people who don't see me for the last 1,5 years.
I miss them all: my aunties, my cousins, my brothers, I miss them aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll.. :D
I took some "jumping picture" when I went to the beach.
show you later.

Jimbo is fine. he's outside. being lazy.
days getting hotter here, readers.
I wear some thin stuff to protet me from sweating too much.
shit. I don't like this weather.

I really want to talk to you. so I am type. I don't care if you can't read this yet.
but I just need to say something.
first of all, let me being honest. everything I posted here, is a truth.
I never lie on my site.
what you read, really happens to me.
so, don't think about me making this funny just because I want you to read this site.
you can stop visit if you want to. I won't force you, people.

even though everything inside is a truth, it doesn't mean I tell you everything.
I have some things I keep from you readers.
however, people have secrets. so do I.
that's why, on this site header, I post that words: "some things are best left unsaid.."

me and my boy, I don't know. it seems like he don't want to talk to me.
I don't understand. I really don't.
maybe I did something wrong. but I don't know what it is. if I did it, for real, I don't recognize it as a mistake then.
I tweet him like 3 times, but he didn't reply one of them yet.
I don't think he didn't get it, so.. that's it.

I've plan about making a new song cover.
Halo and Firework are the choices.
I still practicing. don't want to mess up.
I'll post something later, readers.
I really love you and miss you all. :)

January 7th 2011
woah. I am 19 years old and I don't understand why my mom keep acting like I am 10 years old.
she never allows me to have a boyfriend. well, I mean a guy friend.
I will be an old virgin if she keeps act like that
or, if I want to know what sex like, maybe I just will give my virginity without any marriage.
don't try to say that she's protecting me.
I know how to protect myself.
I don't even need a man to protect me because I am protecting my self from any man I know.

when I was fat, my mom mad because I am fat. I mean, she never worried about a boy come after me.
now, when I got skinnier, my mom mad because boys come after me.
I already made an appointment with marcel. I think I ever told you about him, readers.
now I don't have any idea how to tell him that I can't make it.
if he picks me up, I don't know if my mom with let me go.

this is another reason I hate being in my hometown.
I told you about me hanging out in a couple posts before.
and that happens when my mom not in town. I am so glad when she leaves.
I mean, I don't want her to die, if that's what is on your mind, readers.
no. I just want her to change.
she didn't have to protect me the way my grandmother did to her.
and she needs to know that I am big enough to protect my ownself.

I don't know what to say readers.
I wish my brother can give me a phone call right now.

I can't type anymore, readers. I love you.

Jan 08th 2011
4:29 am
on my way tio airport.
can't wait to see you, readers. :)

sorry I just realize it.
now you know the whole holiday story.
love you, readers. :)

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