Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am gaining a lot of shit

hey readers. I miss you. a lot. :)
so whassup?
how's your days?
mine are great. :) today's the last day of exam. and I got free.
no job though, because I start working next month again.


well, how long I didn't post a story of my days?
a week? more? less? at least now, I will do it.


so, I gain more minus in my eyes.
so, I think, I won't let go this glasses from my eyes again. don't want to get more blinded.


next story. umm. umm. dunno.
lmao. hmm. nothing special happens actually.
I gain more weight. 14 lbs.
another bad thing happen. -.-"
I don't know why but I just love food more than anything these days.
cheesecake, breads, rice, noodles, kwetiau, cookies, chocolates, and many other.
it doesn't mean I am not afraid of gaining weight. I do afraid because I know how long it takes to loose some.
I think I'm just enjoying my life.


I have lot of events this week.
gathering, hanging out, blah blah blah.
run out of moneeeeyy.. -.-"
but that's my responsibility. :) I know what am I doing and I am the one who choose to doing those things.


ooh. I got a new design of my "photos of me" on facebook. it's no longer my site.
let me show you what it is:

look at that red fonts? :)) well, that's my new thumbnails.
I love those words. :D

waiting for my coffee. :)
my sister's here. she'll stay tonight.
I am really afraid of becoming fat again. well, I am still fat.
but I don't want to go back to my size again.
need to workout here.

I am trying to be more patient now. start to learn how to control my anger. what am I supposed to do if I am upset. and some of stuff. I'mma share you the tips on the next post.

so, readers.. have a great night.
I miss you so much.
and I love you as always. ;)

-edited part-
well, I forgot something!

see the red watch?
okay my sister give me that as a late-birthday-present.
now the problem is: it's RED. I like red. but I have no idea how to mix and match red watch. if I wear something purple or yellow, it's gonna be weird.

I feel bad because I think I want to change the chain. but it seems like I didn't appreciate her choice.
well, I'm still working on it until I updated about it on the next post.
please give me any idea.
thank u.
love you [again]

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