Tuesday, January 18, 2011

urbanfacebook. lol.

night, readers. :">
long time no see (?)


okay. let's start
hmm. I am doing nothing today. it's rainy outside so I just stepped out my room about 20 minutes ago. or less. :D
I just stepped out because I need water and I have to hang up my towel. :D *just finished bathing though. :D


my facebook's profile changed today. I mean, people already changed their about a month. but I don't want this new facebook profile because it sucks.
buuuuuut, not too suck tho. I've been playing with the display photos above.
wait let me show you. :D

this is the newest look of my profile.
see the "photos of me" thumbnails? well. I work hard to make that "http://justlikefie.blogspot.com" picture. :)

see it clearly?
well, you can still click the picture to enlarge it. *every photo in this blog can be enlarge by clicking on it. :D
what do you think?


beside the bad layouts of the new profile, I am glad I can promote my site LARGELY. lol.
every person who visits my profile, can see the big site on it. :))=))
okaaaay. now let me tell you why I didn't put some facebook badge on my site.

first, it takes more spaces. I can't put a different badge size on my site. you see the pingbox and twitter badge? well, they have same size. same width especially.
aaaand, if I put my facebook badge on the column, it takes more space. so, forget it.

second, I have an unique name. you googling me, you got me. you twittering me, you got me. so? I can't hide, because you always got me. :)
according to facebook, I am the only person named like that in their database. you search me, you'll got me. :D

and the last reason is I promote this site on my facebook. most of you, readers, I think got this site on my facebook. the other, maybe on my twitter and google. so? why am I supposed to promote my facebook if you know this site from my facebook? that's retarded.


what else?
oh. I invented a new word today. "drag king".
yeeeeaaaahh. drag king.
I invented that because I found that wiki contains "drag queen" which is mean, a man who dressed like a woman. so I invented the opposite. a woman, who dressed like a man. booyaaaalll! :D
I already put it on urban dictionary. and I wish they'll accept it. :)


10:06 pm
I remember someone asked me today: "what makes you love him?"
I said: "don't ask. it's like you asking me how the water taste like"
and she said: "see? when you really love someone you'll have no reason. all you know is you just love him"
aaaaand. I'm smiling so hard while read her chat.

so, if you still find a reason why you love your partner now and plan to move on one step *you know what I mean*, make sure you really love them before you move on. :)

well, goodnight. I love you, readers. :*

ps: ooh. I forgot something. I hate this new facebook layouts because it's not contain my newest statuses beside my name! so, pay attention to the little status on the picture. :*

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