Saturday, January 15, 2011


it's raining outside, readers. honestly, I want to study right now but I already lost my mood. :(
how are you?


well, yesterday is my mom and my dad 22nd anniversary if my father's still alive.
I called my mom last night, and I think she doesn't want to talk about it.
so I just say it.

I have a picture of them. newly wed. I think they took this picture in Kawah Putih. :) aaand. it maybe taken in 1989 or 1990. because my mom isn't pregnant yet. :D

they're cute, aren't they? :)
and my mom was soooooo slim.


today, my father is already gone for 4 years. and today is his "anniversary".
ironic, right? :')
it's like my father waits for every important day on 2006-2007. and he decided to left.

this is my daddy's grave..
I don't know if pink is his favorite color or he likes pink because he thinks he has 2 daughters and girls usually like pink.
my house dominated by pink, readers. especially the bathroom. :D

and when my dad is gone, my mom wants to put pink as his grave color. :)

my last vacation, I didn't visit his grave because I don't want to think that he is gone. I mean he always alive. here. in my heart..


hey! I want to show you a picture of my family when I was like 7 or 8. :D

look at my face. lmao. I can't even smile. :D
I know I have the greatest smile in the world, but, when I was a kid, I am so uncomfortable with my skin. :)


aaahh.. family is the greatest treasure in the world
one thing I've regret is I didn't say "happy anniversary dad" to him on his last day on earth.
I usually do that. but. my last conversation with him is only one sentence. :(

I miss him. and I love him.
I love my mom too.
and my sister. :)

oh, and I love you, readers.

ps: it's 10:52 am. :D


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet :') I'm sorry about your father.. it brought a tear to my eye <3 and, you're right, family is so important xx.

justlikefie said...

thank you. :)

TYrips said...

so mantap ini template noh...

btw, happy birthday for you mom and dad wedding..,
and im sorry for your dad, before...
He never left you alone, i know!!

justlikefie said...

hahaha. thank youuu. :) cm da utak atik kasiang ni dy.. :)

thanks for your support. ^_^

Anonymous said...

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