Sunday, January 9, 2011

video(s) gallery

my birthday. :)

view from my favorite spot.
well, I took this video when I am on my way hanging out with my brother. :)
that's why it's move.
but for real, this is what you'll see from my favorite spot *have I told you about this?

this is when you reach the lower ground.
I live near the sea. so, this is it. :)

Bombat. :D
Jimbo's twin. :)
if you wanna see Jimbo first, check my youtube. because it's too large to upload in here. :)

these are the firework videos. :)
I am talking shit. :D

and these are the views when I go to and when I go back from my grandmomma's house. :)


well, I can't upload some big file.
so maybe I'll upload 'em on youtube.
but I think this is more than enough for you to know about my hometown.
well, visit me and my hometown if you have a spare time.
I love you, readers. :)
thanks. :*

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