Saturday, January 8, 2011

holiday story

hi readers!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh I miss you so..
aaaand. this is my holiday story for you.
hope you enjoy it! :)

ps: it's a very long story, that's why I put it on spoiler. :D just click the button to see it. :)

my holiday story. :)

25th dec 2010
happy Christmas!
I can't post anything on my blog now. so just let me typing here, in notepad.

I am pretty bored right now, readers. I've been waiting for 2 hours and 30 minutes.
nothing to do.
I just pay attention to people who pass and start commented on their style.
I want to hear music but it means, I will spend a lot of batteries. and I will be bored on the airplane.

I took some picture with webcam and cleary, I gain weight.
that's bad.
because I just bought 2 dresses and it won't fit anymore.

I am at a restaurant in the airport right now.
have no idea about what to do, so we (me and my sister) decided to eat something.
I still have 90 minutes until boarding, so don't worry about it.
wow. all the line above begin with "I". just realize that.
won't edit that.

I miss my boyfriend. he might be on the church spending Christmas eve with his kids.
it's 11:34 pm at 24th of dec in US.
gosh, I can't believe I fall in love again. he's the greatest bless this year.
thank God I found him.

3 days to my birthday.
I just wishes my mom will be there, but I know she won't because she had a job to do. I wish my cfho will be here too, but it's impossible. beside, he'll be here next year.
so, won't worry about that.

hey readers, I just remember. lol. me and my man plan a lot of things.
lol. what makes me laugh is he already had name for our kids
ps: he wants two. lol.
pao pao. that's the nickname for the boy.
fisshy is for the girl.
we will have fissheal junior I think. lol.
I think, it's okay. a lil' bit worry about the "pao pao" because I am not chinese. lol.
love him though.

11:41 am
one hour to boarding. totally booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeddddd.
nothing to do. I can't feel the christmas in here. it's like normal day. :(
can't wait to be home soon and wear a new dress. lol. pssshhh, it sized M. =))=))

well, readers, have a great Christmas even though you read this on January.
I love you. :)

26th dec 2010
2nd Christmas in the town.
well, I am waiting for my brother now. he's abput for taking me out with my sister.
this is the first time I go out with my step brother after almost 3 years we've been family.
excited enough though. he drives now. lol.

I miss depok already. I just realized that depok is become my hometown for the last half a year.
beside, this house changes so much. I can't recognized it anymore.
first time I arrived, I can't sleep. it's weird. I don't feel like home. I feel like living in someone else's place.

I went to church this morning and people commented about my new look.
of course I look skinnier. they don't see me for half a year!
I'm afraid of gaining some weights. first day here I already eat pork. sial.

oh, by the way, I have dog here. his name is Macan. and I called him Jimbo. a lil' bit confusing for him. :))
he barked at me last night but this afternoon I take him for a lil' walk. he's a very strong dog.
the chain hurts my hand when he tried to runaway.
at least, we're friend now. me and Macan. I'll post his picture later. :)

05:40 pm Depok time
I don't have any idea what takes my brother so long to be here.
can't wait to go out and having some fun.
love you, readers! :)

30th of december 3:32 morning
it's been four days since the last one.
I can't sleep. my mom in 8 hours and I have thousand secrets behind her.
I really really think I should tell her couple of them, but it stills under consideration.

well let's start from 27th of december.
I just met my junior hish school friends. they're Caroline, Christya, Joel, and Priska.
they've changed so much. especially Joel. lol.
four of us commented on his style. beside, he's driving now. :))=)) unbelievable.
we just ate pizza and then some chococheese banana fried
unforgettable enough. thanks guys. :*

next day after that, is my birthday. happy birthday to me! :D
my baby is not the first person who greets me.
by SMS, anna is the first one. best friend ever. :)
by twitter, there's @BlankHanks. big brother.
live performance, my cousin's first.
by facebook, not checked it yet.
by phone, my mom made it. but before mom's call, there is missed call from Muler. so I don't know which one is the first.
I got a present and a card from my best friends. I think I already told you about that.
what's inside, is a secret. :-$ :D

aaaand, the same day, on the night, my brother took me, my another brother, my other sister, and my sister for dinner.
but I don't think my sister and my another brother is on her mood, so she ruined my day.
that's probably the worst birthday ever.
well, I am officially 19 years old now. congratulation to me. :P

finally, yesterday. or I can say, last night?
well, my friend Caroline celebrates her birthday exactly one day after me.
29th of dec.
I want to come to her celebration, but I can't make it.
so I keep thinking about where will I go.

internet cafe. that's where I went to last night.
I tried to reply every single birthday greeting on my wall. buuuuuuuuut, the internet connection is sucks. so I just checked some stuff on twitter, try to upload a new video on youtube (but the hard disk is not recognized), check my gmail, yahoo mail, this blog, and facebook. :D
well, nothing special with facebook and twitter, because I open them everyday.
no new notification on gmail and yahoo.

then, me and my brother, just the two of us, planned to go out. find some place to go in the night.
I am hungry, so we decided to eat fried banana (again). :D
well, the storm were there, so we won't go out for a long time.
we have secret. but it only between us two. I can't even tell you, readers. sorry. pssshh.

so, now, here I am. typing some unimportant things.
I want to do this because by doing this I know how's my life's progress.
honestly, I am mad as hell last night because first of all, my friend don't wanna see me.
second is I lost on my hometown. *stupid
and the last one which is make me upset is my baby is busy.
well, it's normal if he's busy. I don't want to be selfish though.
but that night is the first time I can chat for a long time with him.
or maybe I just act like baby.
I just miss him. that is.

I have to go, readers. :)
I love you.
have a great night.

ps: Jimbo is fine. I'll upload his video biting my hand.

that's it, readers.
the next two posts above contain the pics and vids.
love you. :*

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