Thursday, January 13, 2011

everyone needs friends

hmhmhm. :)
the last 2 days is not too bad.
sorry I just have time to post something here.
whassup readers?
miss me? :p


okay, so yesterday, 12th of january, is the first day of final terms.
I think mine is not so good, because I hadn't learn anything. -.-"
well, I can answer 15 questions of 40 questions. -.-"


still on the same day, me, ana, sezy, and ankhey *she's new in the gang. :))=))
we went hang out. :D
look for food, look for stuff and many other.
we - me, ana, and zesy - feel bad about her has no friend in her class right now.
I said "you're not in human class. it's devil's."
why? because her friends act like she is not their friend. I mean, she is not the member of that f#cking class.
I don't like that fact.
my KA02 is way better than that. I mean, she's even there! me myself, when I was on my holiday, I still got texts from my class-leader about everything they go through in Depok. so, that's a mistake when she's in Depok and her friends never tell her anything. shit. that's sucks.
so we decided that she needs to be with us. and here we go. there's 4 of us naw. :x

ankhey, zesy, me, ana


and today, we're taking care of our problems.
first, we pay our school payments. :D
then, we're take ankhey to fix her problem with her class. she wants to move to my class. :)
and she's very welcome.
buuuuuuuuuuut, they didn't allow her to move. :(
we're sad.
but we said, she can takes our lessons if she wants. so she will be in our class even though in the end, she's still a member of her old crap-class. >:)


oh oh. we bought 4 bracelets. 2 blacks and 2 silvers. :)
ankhey and ana wear the blacks. me and zesy wear the silvers. show you the picture later.


EATING become our VERY BAD HABIT since we've been together. lmao.
when we hang out, we spend a lot of money for food. :9
I love food though.
but I still need to diet. -.-"


honestly, I miss my boyfriend right now. I wonder if he ever thinks about me for a day.
I want him to be here. just to talk with me.
but I understand that he's tired because if his work and he still sleep now.
I hope he wakes up before I go to sleep.

two days before the day. I love you readers. :)

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apriana said...

we will always help Anky, Anky does not require her classmates. we certainly can make Anky rise and become far better than his friends who have been abusing it. we will show them all that Anky has a friend who can help her in every way. passion for Anky ... you certainly can ...