Sunday, January 9, 2011

holiday gallery

well, these are pictures from my holiday stuff. sort by the date.
click to enlarge. :)

me with the M sized dress. how do I look? ;;)

my sister and the great tree :)

me eat some fried banana and drink cappucino

Jimbo a.k.a Macan bites me :x

my christmas gift and birthday gift and birthday card. :x

my sister, my another sister, my another brother, and my brother. :)
new year's eve at my father's roof

me, my another sister, my sister

me and mom

me and my brother :D

how do I look with skirt and grandmom's tank top? :D
at my grandmom's house. :)

last day in my hometown. making new cover Halo by Beyonce. :)


if you want to see the firework video, go to the right bar of the screen and you'll find some videos of mine. check out my dog, too, readers. :)
well, that's it.
I love you. :)

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