Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet The Ferrets

lol. I don't usually post photos right away, but I feel sooo great I want to post them!

so here's the story...

a week ago, I met a guy named Maté online.
we actually met by accident when we were commenting on Fajar's status.
so, cut story short, he's that kind of guy who has that capability to make me laugh.
like, seriously, laugh out loud.
in the middle of the night.
and early in the morning.
like, every time.

turned out, (I think) I like him. so then I learned everything I should know about him.
oh, and the most important thing that amazed me is: He loves ferret (or civet cat or whatever you call them)!!!
and I know, from the moment he sent me pictures of his 'children', I fell in love with ferret too. :)

and last night, Saturday, 23rd March 2013, I met a ferret!
so it was an earth hour event in Depok, Indonesia and they invited some communities and KasKus is one of them.
KasKus is the largest indonesian community so far. It's a forum with 4 million members. Including me.
In the other side, there's MULDOK. I guess it's "Musang (ferret in bahasa) Lovers Depok". CMIIW.

cut story short, I interested in one of the ferret and want to take picture with it.
It is friendly. It loves kissing and biting and kissing again and (finally) shitting on me. LOL.

This is the ferret I'm talking about.

And this is right after she shitted on me. lol.
I did pose when this picture was taken, but I don't understand why I made this face after.
At least, my face looks slimmer.

See the yellow spot on my shoulder? That's the poop. LOL.
Ferret's poop didn't smell bad. It's just... sticky.

In the end, I am happy. I finally got something to tell Maté.
I met some people, again. I met a nice guy named Raka.
I met Susi and her friends.
I hugged some ferrets. I hugged two ferrets actually.
and I am simply happy. :)

that's all from now.
love you!

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