Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pull Myself Together

Hi readers!
How's life? I hope you're being treated well. ;)
So, after very very long cry-for-a-week phase, I'm done!
Yeah, I seriously want and have to manage my life again.
I can't cry forever, can I?

These days I've been busy with looking for a job. I already found one of one company that I really wanted to work to.
Currently, I'm still waiting for the good news. *Pray for me, please!*
Beside the good news from the dream company, I'm also waiting any good news from my grades. :D
Last year, I skipped so many classes and I know if I couldn't pass those tests, that's my fault.
But for the first time in my life I seriously study hard. So I hope it'll pay my hard work. Though I'm a little bit scared.
In the middle of my nervous break down, now I realize I can't hold on to someone else but God.
I'm not trying to be religious here, but I finally realize, He's the only man who will never leave me alone. :)

But then, I am still looking around for someone nice. Someone I can picture my future with. Someone who can be my best friend and lover all at once.
I found one, his initial is A, but I am not so sure if this will work or not.
I mean, I've wasted years trying to build strong relationships with men. I want to get married in 2015 actually. :)
I think God works mysteriously on that. :)

Talking about best friend, remember my Partner In Crime, Indra?
Nah, you don't remember. LOL.
So he's been dieting for the last.. I don't know.. a year and a half, I guess. And he's in a nice shape now.
That motivated me to do some diet too. I started eat less and workout more.
I'm not actually a big fan of workout, but it feels really good when you're sweating. :)
Now I'm running if I have the spare time or the mood to go out, but if I'm not in any mood to run, I'm weightlifting.
Yeah, I have 6lbs yellow barbels in my room. :p
My current weight now is 73kgs or 161lbs. And I need to lose 22 lbs more to my ideal weight.
That's a lot of number, isn't it?
Well, one day, I'll say "I believe I could, so I did" :)

What else?
Hmm.. I guess that's all for now.
Thank you for reading this.
And, remember to have fun readers. :) It won't hurt.
I'll see you soon then. :)
Love you. :*

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