Wednesday, March 2, 2011

firefox 4 beta

hey, readers. I just finished download this shit.
it's kinda cool, readers. you should try this. well, it looks like google chrome I think.
you see the orange button at the top-left of the screen?
that's the menu when you decide not to show the menu bar.
I don't like showing a lot of bar on mozilla. so I only have navigation bar.
I think mozilla make a great movement this time.
and at the top of it, you can give your feedback. see the "Feedback" button at the top-right? yes. you just have to click it. :)
and oh. the tabs in the window, well it isn't a part of mozilla. my man gave it to me a long time ago. so, do not think you have broken mozilla if you don't see that thumbnails on your screen.
click if you want it. :)

link source: mozilla firefox

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