Monday, April 18, 2011

paper toy(s)

okay. I'm in love with this shit. don't ask me why because I don't know. :D

so, let me show you these!

princess aurora

rapunzel in tangled. :)

mulan. :D

jasmine in aladdin. :)

cinderella. :)

aurora, rapunzel, jasmine, ariel, mulan, belle, cinderella. :)
these are gifts for my best friend apriana. from me and zeresy :)

tron :)

sam's motorcycle from tron legacy 3D. :)
mine is glowing.
well, not actually. I just take it at the right time. ;)
I put this beside my vessel. ^_^

next project probably: Wall-E. I don't know yet. this is just fun. :)


andry yudha said...

waawww... bisa beli dimana yah itu pepers toys nya, mau nih buat adek dirumah,,


justlikefie said...

jiah.. :)) aku download. lupa pulak linknya.. -.-" cb googling aja. mdh2an ketemu yg pas. :)