Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RIP, Ibienu Shiekha Naseh..

30th of August 2011
I can't believe I am about to post this right now.
I'm already prepared a lot of things to post on this blog later but now I got thing to tell you.

today. 12:34pm. a text came up on my phone screen.
Fiss, innalilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun..
Telah meninggal dunia kawan qt yg qt sayangi..

Ibnu Shieka

Selamat jalan sobat, thanks for coloring our life :(

I am shocked.
until the time when I type this, I still can't believe that Ibienu Shieka Naseh is gone.

he is another great friend God sent to me.
if you ever read a post that I posted on valentine this year, you'll see pictures of us. me, nanda, and ibienu.

first time we talked is on twitter.
I saw Nanda and Ibi tweeted to each other.
but they were talking about our university, so I joined the conversation. :')

from that day on, we are following each other (on twitter).
he is a funny guy.
like, real funny.

first time we met was when he wanted to find a girl who studying at the same university with me and nanda (me and nanda are students of Gunadarma and Ibi is a student of Bina Sarana Informatika).
so he arranged a 'meeting' with me. he came with his friend. he was late at first and I am so mad because of that.
but it doesn't matter, we were keep going on our plan.

I didn't tell him about my past.
but he sure knows all the boys problem about me.
he knows about the Mr. 7 Years. he knows about Yoga. he knows about my man now.

sometimes I asked him for advice.
and sometimes, I followed his advice. ;)

I remember when I had a fight with my friend just because a picture.
I told him about it, and his respon was like 'eew, forget him. we're hanging out and taking thousands of pictures and I won't be mad.'
that will never happen. but I thank him for that. :')

I just never thought that 14th of February of 2011 will be the first and last meet of the 3 of us. :'(

I love Ibi. he's like a brother for me.

thanks Ibi, for everything. for those advice and those laughs.
RIP Ibienu Shieka Naseh.
my pray will always be with you.


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