Sunday, August 14, 2011

fuck yeah, I'm a liar

yeah, you're right. I lie to you. I am a big fat liar.
you want to know things that I lied about?
1. I am happy.
2. I'm excited to get back home.
3. I need no one.
4. I'm friendly.
5. I'm awesome.
6. I'm smart.
7. I wanted to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.
8. I love my stepfather.
9. I hate kids.
10. I like staying up late.
11. I love talking to strangers.
12. I am not scared to death.
13. I like hanging out.
14. I'm cute.
15. My mom loves me.
16. My family proud of me.
17. I love spending holidays with my mom and sister in my hometown.
18. HOME is the most comfortable place on earth.
19. I never wanted to leave this country.
20. I'm not racist.
21. I'm in a good health.
22. I'm fine.
23. Leave me if you want because I don't care.
24. You're just someone who makes me laugh. I just need your joke.
25. I don't remember anything about you.
26. I never really cared when my man is sick.
27. No, he doesn't make me cry.
28. I'm tough as rocky mountain.
29. I put a big evil laughing on my face when I type this.
30. I am proud of myself.
31. I always love fuck up.
32. I love loving life.
33. I love schools.
34. I can kill somebody when I am really mad.
35. I like perfumes.
36. I believe in true love.
37. I've got used to be cursed.
38. I hate writings.
39. I never get jealous.
40. I don't care what my man did or whom he's with.

and you know what are my biggest lies, man?

I don't love you. I never loved you or cared about you. I hate it when I had to woke up every 4 hours. I am happy when you're not here. I was not really cry when I saw you sick. it's okay with me if you blocked me from your accounts. I'm not mad when you're not replying my e-mails.

now you happy? YOU HAPPY?

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