Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

Happy 1st Anniversary.
this supposed to be the longest relationship I've ever had.
but 8 days ago, you broke up with me.
I tried to communicate, but you were not responding.
so I guess this is the real goodbye.
I am not asking you to stay anymore.
because after all that we've been through, you still want to let me down.
thank you for the good year.
those laughs, moments, movies, songs, tears, worries, surprises, plans, and everything.
you probably the only man I (will) never meet but I will give my whole life to.
sorry for not being there when you're sick, sad, mad, or need me.
I am wishing you and your family the greatest life on earth.
find someone close. find a woman who can take a good care of you and the kids.
find someone who can make you happy. find someone better than me.
be a great daddy. don't die before you see your grandchildren.
a lot of people love you very much.
one of them is me.
thank you for everything, buttercup.
Happy Anniversary and goodbye.

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Koko Bota said...

nice post tamang..:) pie kabare keke or wawu or uto or uti ini hahhahahahaa...