Friday, May 11, 2012

Plus-Sized Outfits: Summer Wind

hi, readers. it's been forever since my last outfit post. lmao.
ok, so, summer is coming.
I mean, not really. I don't live in a four-season country.
but, I heard that summer is coming.
so, instead of having a blazer or cardigan mixed with shirt, I prefer mix big light shirt with tanktop. :)

so, what I do today is, once again, mix my big light shirt with red tanktop. IDK the brand or where you can get those. I mean, the big shirt was bought by my mom about 3 years ago. the tanktop, well, I can't see the brand now, but I remember that I bought it in Centro.
then, for the jeans, I use the same jeans with the previous post's jeans. so does the bag. :)
for the shoes, wegdes by studio nine. around $28 or IDR 250.000,- a pair.
then.. the belt. it's colorbox. around $8 or IDR 70.000,-.
the necklace, I bought it on it's the cheapest online store that I've visited for now.
the bangles, the brown one, I bought it in Centro too. it is the same package with the brown bangle on my previous post.
the colorful ones, I bought them in Depok Town Square. around $1 each. :)
just because you want to be fashionable doesn't mean you have to buy expensive stuff. :)
hope you try it. :)

love you.

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