Monday, April 23, 2012

Plus-Sized Outfits: Rhythm Of The Rain

hi, readers.
long time no see.
what I'm about to post now is again: plus-size style. :D
hope you're gonna like it. :)

so this, is what I did on Saturday.
at my place, it was raining so goddamn hard.
and when I was arrived at my college building, it was dry.
amazing how a local rain can do right? :/
so this time, I mix my dark purple sweater with very dark blue jeans.
for the accessories, I wear the same necklace with the one that I wore on the last outfit post.
the bangles is brown spiral bangles. I bought it in a local store here called Centro.
then, for the shoes, it's Scholl. I am trying to find the models on their website, but I can't found it.
well, I bought that like 2 years ago for around $60. :D
for the bag, well, it's a coincidence that the colors of my bag match the outfits. :)
IDK who is the original maker, but it has "Prada" sign in it. well, Prada is too expensive for me, so this is not the real Prada.
I picked this bag because I love the material and the model. :)
well, I hope you'll try this!

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Oliver said...

Cool outfit!! :)