Saturday, April 7, 2012

Short Review: Wrath Of The Titans

hiya there. I kinda miss you. I already prepared two post before this one, but I'm not in the mood to finish them.
so this one goes first.

I went to cinema on Wed without any plan what movie I would like to watch. I was confused. but then, my boyfriend helped me decided what movie I we should watch: Wrath of The Titans.

so I just found out that Wrath of The Titans is the part of Clash of The Titans. I haven't watched the Clash of The Titans tho.

for me, Wrath of The Titans is a standard movie. I mean, you will see Perseus, the son of Zeus fight against his grandfather, Kronos, and then save the world.

with a lot of computer effect, I don't like this movie too much. I love old movies but if you add more animations, it'll look like bullshit for me.

meanwhile, Agenor, the son of Poseidon, which is also a half human and half God, successfully rose my mood that time. he is so funny I think I'm in love with him.

well, after all, I'll give this movie rate 6 out of 10. -2 because too much animation. and -2 again for the boring story line.

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