Monday, April 9, 2012

Plus-Sized Outfits: Casual Thursday

so, since I'm in love with stuff relate to fashion, I'll start blogging about me and my style (when I think it's worth the blog post of course).
so this is what I did on last Thursday before Good Friday.

I love jeans. That's what I'm wearing you can use any jeans you have if you want to. just be careful with the color.
for the blouse, I was wearing something between light and dark. I picked light brown. so since the top is plain, I need to accessorize: the necklace.
lucky for me the necklace came with the blouse when I bought it. it's not that bad for big-sized girl like me though. :)
I also wore a ring on my right hand that I bought in Payless store which is located in Margo City, Depok, Indonesia. I think they have other stores overseas.
for the gold ring and watch, they're old stuff. my mom bought me the gold ring after my dad passed away. and about the watch.. it's my father's actually. old Vitorio. you'll always see these two items on my left hand. I'll never let them go.
I took off my earring sometimes. it's also old stuff. it was my mother's.
what else?
oh. the shoes. I wore flat shoes from Yongki Komaladi. it's about IDR 149.000,- or around USD 15 :) what I love from my flat shoes is the jeans material. it suits my shoulder bag & my blue jeans at the same time!
well, I don't remember the store where I bought the jeans and the top. so I can't post it.
but don't worry. just wore anything plain for the top, mix it with necklace. you can play with color of course.
good luck with mix and match your outfit. will put something on later.
love you readers.

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