Monday, April 29, 2013

The Edge of April

Woo Hoo!
Monday is near.
Hi, readers! Long time no see. It's around 27 days.
How you doin'? Y'all good? Yeah, me too.

First of all, thank you for keep reading my crap.
I am considering changing this domain into Actually, I was thinking about creating a new one, but this one is so historical I want to keep it updated. LOL.

These days I've been addicted to Stand Up Comedy. I've been watching Wanda Sykes and Kevin Hart. I love black stand up comedian. They're hilarious!
My favorite part from Wanda is when she performed at the 2009 Correspondents' Dinner:
I'm proud to say The First Black President. I know you're biracial, but The First Black President. That's unless you screw up. Then it's gonna be 'What's up with the half white guy?' - Wanda Sykes.
And my favorite part from Kevin is from his "I'm a Grown Little Man":
You ever seen them real big dudes, real huge, no neck, just being in the gym working out? I saw him one day and I just got mad and I said 'Dude why are you still here? That's it! you won!' - Kevin Hart.
You should try watch them. They really have that capability to turn your mood from -1 Million to +9 Billion.

Next, job and school. Both aren't really going that well now.
I'm so stressed out I can't even think. I mean, when people ask me about work or school, I don't even wanna talk about it. It set me off. Like, seriously.

And then, here comes the love life.
So, have I told you about Maté? Well, I lost my feeling for him. I mean, it's that's fast because I don't even know who he is. That's stupid. That's the stupidest thing ever. Turned out he's different. We met already and the real him isn't as funny as him when he talked to me via BBM. That sucks. Pineapples.
But then, as I told you before, I met this Denny guy. He's nice. I think he has great patience when it comes to talkative person like me. LOL. He answered almost everything I asked. Even when he was in a bad mood. It's crazy. I had a crush on him but then, it's all coming back to our faiths. We're not in the same religion and that's a big deal. I always said to anyone I've had a crush on:
If I ever leave God for you; if I ever change my religion because of you, do not marry me. Don't even have a relationship with me. Because if it's God that I left now, then next, it could be you. - Fissheal M.
So, yeah, it didn't work again. But I didn't regret it. He's mature enough to not change after I said such things. Great man.

Last but not least, IRON MAN 3 IS OUT, BABY!
I haven't seen it. I was planning on wearing a t-shirt that has arc reactor on it to watch this movie that I've been waiting since 2008!
What makes me sad is the rumor that this is probably the last movie when RDJ will starred as Tony Stark. Well, I didn't think I'm going to raise my kids in the world where RDJ isn't Iron Man.

I think that's all from now.

Love you! :*

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