Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Are My Everything...

Tonight, I can see how much you care to me…
Thank you…

You are my all
When I’m alone
I just call your name in my heart
Guess what?
You call me as soon as I call your name
It means you hear me?
Or I can call it LOVE?

You make me happy when I talked with you
In every time I try to be a perfect girl,
You make me feel confidence with my self
You make me smile when I sad

The one who feel afraid if make some mistake to me
And I just can laugh if you say sorry with a lot of expression

Thank you my boy…

You’re the other side of me…
You’re the sunshine in the dark
You’re the truth behind a lie

I Love You
So Much…

1 comment:

samakeur said...

and me too i love you baby lovely kiss