Thursday, February 10, 2011


whoa. finally I got my vessel back.
I just read the post I made before this one and it seems like it has weird ending. but who cares? I am using mobile at that time. so just understand me.:))


big thanks to Yoga for helping me got my vessel back. he delivers me to the service place on Monday and he delivers me again today to pick up vessel. :)
he also picks a large cooling pad for my vessel. so she won't got fever again. :D

oh and thanks for accompanying me when having lunch and watching The Mechanic. \m/
you rock, buddy! :D


soooooooooooo... let's talk about vessel. ok I bought vessel in 2009. I forgot the date but I think it was August or September.
honestly, she's just a normal pc. first time I want to make her as a "boy laptop" but it's so rude to imagine that this beautiful laptop is a boy. lol. so my HP pavilion dv2 1003ax is a girl. :) and she's gorgeous.

people were asking me why I pick this laptop. because I choose an AMD instead of core 2 duo. I said, because she's slim. well, I do. I mean, when first my mom told me to buy something new, I want to pick something slim so I can bring it to class everyday. and vessel's is slim. she's skinnier than me. lol.

but since I got my own connection at my room, I thin she's not strong enough to be mine. she's getting hotter quickly even though I already use cooling pad.
I will buy a set of pc on April. so she won't forced to do a lot of job again.

she's my best friend for the last 18 months. she knows every story of me and my life.
no no no. I am not a weirdo. but when you named something, you will take a good care of it. and I just named her for the last 3 months. but at least, I love her. :)


10:59 pm
so. that's all about my vessel.
try to name your PC, readers. maybe you will love it more than before. :)
wanna spend my time with vessel. I miss her.
and I miss you too.
love you. :*

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