Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 Things I Think Man Should Do

aloha! lol.
hi readers. miss me? ;]
how are you? me? I am doing good except one thing: vessel got fever! so she stays at 'hospital' now. maybe she'll be home tomorrow or the worst case, she'll be home in 3 days.
honestly, I don't like typing with phone. but I miss telling story. and, I will not tell you about my story right now. I got some inspirations when I'm at my lowest condition a couple days ago.
so now I will post about 10 things that woman think man should do.


>> remember small thing.
I'm not talking about anniversary's date. I mean, I believe that when you're in a relationship, there's a lot of important thing to remember.
for example, me. well, I really appreciate a man who can spell my name correctly because it means, he remembers me.
I also appreciate a man who remember my biggest fear or my favorite song. those maybe unimportant to remember. but, who knows? ;)

>> say thank you.
one thing that man always forget. maybe this one is cliche. but trust me, we would love to know that you appreciate us. :)

>> kiss on forehead.
this one shows us that you respect us and want to protect us. it's also make us feel safe. :)

>> say "I love you" and mean it.
I don't have to explain, right? I think you guys know how hard it is to mean an I-love-you.

>> surprise.
everybody love surprise. but sometimes you can't just give us surprise. you need to find out the right thing and the right time. remember: DOING RIGHT THING AT THE WRONG TIME IS STILL WRONG.

>> "good morning" or "goodnight" texts.
I always love it when a man text me just to say 'good morning, have a nice day'. so I put it here. :D
sometimes, a text can light up our whole day or bring us a nice dream. ;)

>> give us thing we likes not thing women like.
okay. you know, not every woman you meet like the same thing. some maybe like red flowers and chocolate. some maybe like books and stuff.
but you know what your woman like. so give us what we like.

>> make us laugh.
this is the most powerful thing according to Marylin Monroe (and me). she says, "if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything". I absolutely agree. it's not that easy to always make us laugh, guys. 3:)

>> listen to her.
men want to be listen. so do we. just because we never tell, doesn't mean we can handle everything ourselves.
we have this ego. and sometimes, we want to show you how independent we are. but we're still women. we need to be listen. even though you didn't say a word as a response, trust me, it's more than enough for us.

>> be confidence.
most of you sometimes forget that confidentiality is your biggest appeal.
because it means that you trust yourself.
if you're not confidence enough to trust yourself, what makes you think we will? ;)


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good luck, boys.

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