Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I think about death these days.
this is scary because I'm not ready to dead. I mean, I still have like million sins.
every night, this thought about die when I'm sleeping just fill up my head.
you know what? I don't want to die in my sleep.

1. no one will find out if I die. I'm a room type. I can stay whole day in my room without going anywhere. I don't care. there's nobody looking for me though. so if I die when I'm sleeping, it means, my body will stiffen first and then after days, people will smell something stink and there you go; my dead body.
2. I sleep naked. okay. that sounds stupid. but for real, I sleep naked.
3. I'm heavy. 170 pounds and alive. I can't imagine how much is my weight when I die.
4. I'm out of town. die in your own hometown is way better.
5. I'm not married yet.

that's it.

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