Sunday, May 8, 2011

20 Things I Love About cfho83

I just remember that I want to post this such a long time ago. lol. no. jk. I want to post this since I finish read The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. one of Jack's letter to Laurel contains 20 things he loved about his wife. so, here I am writing 20 things I love about my man.

1. his big grin. if that grin can talk, the only thing it can say is: "fiss, I know you want to do that. don't give me that shit". I love it.
2. the way he sounds when he called me "mama" or "homie".
3. his serious face when he played his game.
4. the way he explains something. that "right?" word behind every sentence.
5. when I don't get it, I love it when he puts that 'ah-I-need-to-explain-it-again' face. :D
6. his laugh. it's just.... amazing.
7. when he talked about his family.
8. the way he looks at me and the shake his head. which is means: "fiss, you talking shit". :D
9. when he said romantic things. even though it's just "I love you".
10. how he loves ironman (and hates aquaman).
11. his jokes.
12. when he get on this site and chat to me with that pingbox like he's a stranger. unfortunately, most of times, he fails. :P
13. when he worked out. that's hot.
14. he went to church.
15. his "aaaaaaaaaaaahhh" word when he just get an explanation. and his "booyah" word when he wants to share something cool.
16. how he loved m&ms chocolate and girl scout cookies. :D
17. his face when I said "yes, I eat human".
18. his voice. that is my mood booster. just by listening to his voice, I gain all of my mood back. WHOA.
19. cocoa butter.
20. HIM. :)

this list isn't ascending by "the most thing I love" I love all of them with an equal portion. :)
you should try to list everything you love about someone, readers. it helps you because when you mad at them and read why you love them, you won't be mad anymore. :)

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