Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things About Me

I was thinking about making this post when I just wake up around 1 hour ago. lmao. so there you go.
  • my real name is Fissheal Manuel. Fiss = Fisika (Physics in English) and Heal = Healing. my dad is a lecture of Physics and my mom is a nurse. why double "S"? because they don't want my name to be write like "FISH". :)
  • dog is my favorite animal.
  • I love talking to myself in the middle of the night.
  • I love pretending to be a dancer.
  • I'm allergic to dust but I can't clean the dust because I have asthma.
  • I really don't like ORANGE. I mean, the color. not the fruit.
  • I don't like most of vegetables.
  • I'm a lazy person.
  • when I'm still on my mom's belly, there's someone get in the house. he brings knife and threaten my mom.
  • I have cylinder 0,5 on my left eye.
  • I am MEAN as hell.
  • my first date when I was 12 y.o
  • my first kiss happens around 3 years ago.
  • I'm a black-man-oriented.
  • my favorite musician is Akon.
  • my favorite sports are Chess and Basketball.
  • I have no favorite color. but I think I like gray.
  • I have 3 twitter accounts, 3 blogger accounts, and 3 facebook accounts.
  • I have lesbian friend but I have no gay friend.
  • I'm a little bit racist.
  • I was a smoker.
  • I like taking baked picture of me.
  • I love musics and movies.
  • when I was on junior high school, I like pretending to be a ranger. I mean, power ranger. lmao.
  • I watch English movie with English subtitle. and they need to be hear impaired.
  • I love reading.
  • my favorite author is John Grisham.
  • my favorite actor is Nicolas Cage.
  • my favorite movie is The-A-Team.
  • my favorite Nicolas Cage's movie is Face Off.
  • I play like 50 games on facebook.
  • I have 8 e-mails I think. or more.
  • I don't like it when people ask me about something unimportant.
  • my friends know my secrets more than my mom.
  • I prefer write my problems than speak it out.
  • I am rude.
  • I say something offensive.
  • my lotion is honey something. -_-"
  • I have stretch-marks on my shoulder, butt, belly, and thigh.
  • brown skin, 150 lbs, 5.34 ft.
  • I use glasses since 2004 if I'm not mistaken.
  • I don't like freak make-up. I like the simple one, though.
  • my hair has been straightened for 3 times. now I love it curly.
  • my mood is really unstable.
  • I love seafood.
  • right now, I am thinking about what am I supposed to type next.

I think that's all. I'll add some more if I think you need to know more. lmao.
later, folks. love ya!

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