Friday, June 10, 2011

The Limitless Losers

I watch 3 movies in a row. I mean, I watch The-A-Team yesterday, Limitless this afternoon, and just got off with The Losers.

so, between these 3 movies, I love The-A-Team the most. then The Losers and Limitless.

IMO, Limitless is a little bit confusing. doesn't mean I don't like the movie. it's just not what I'm expected to. I expect more action, more great conversation, MORE. but that's what I get.

Limitless is kinda like a book I ever read "Flowers For Algernon". someone who was nothing become real precious. the different is, in this movie, Eddie (Bradley Cooper) got anything he wants. in the end, he make this medicines in his lab. but in that book, Charlie dies in the end of the story.

soooo, Limitless is not that good. I give 3-Star rate to this movie.


The Losers. I like this. :)
Clay, Cougar, Pooch, Roque, and Jensen. 5 men that supposed to be killed by a man named Max in Bolivia. but unfortunately, they're not in the helicopter. so, Max kills wrong people.

they plan to take revenge, but Roque betray them all. they have Aisha too. Aisha is a daughter of a man named Fadhil who killed by Clay. just watch the movie and you'll know.

Pooch is real funny. I'm laughing so hard at this man. lmao. =))=))

The Losers got 4-Star rate from me.


so that's all. I mean, I really like action movie right now. and so far, I like The-A-Team the most. so, you better watch it. :)
love you, readers. :)

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