Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Kinda Guy

so I met this guy not so long ago. after the guy whom I thought would be my prince charming turned into a frog, he came and saved me.
he's not cute, he's not rich, he's just an ordinary man. oh, I haven't told you. his name is Oktavianus Nopriyanto Nugroho and I called him all the names that I want. lol.
he's 11 years older than me. it's actually a huge different because the last time I dated someone who's way older than me is like... 6 or 7 years ago.
what I like from him is he's a romantic person. all of my days are fulfilled with surprises.
I'm amazed by the way he remembered every single thing I said. things I like or I don't like, what I do before I go to bed, my favorite color, everything.
It's also very surprising when he knew what I thought about. I mean, it wasn't happen very often, was it?
In my life, no one has ever introduced me to his parents. But he did it. So this one day, when he came to my place from work, he said that he will introduce me to his mom. I was speechless. A little bit panicked because I wasn't prepare anything for that night. Even though it wasn't a formal night, I keep asked questions. "How do I look?" or "Do your mom's gonna like me?" are the most question that I asked over and over again. But that night went well. I WAS SO EXCITED! That was probably the greatest night that ever happened in my life! :D
We do fight a lot! Almost every single day. There are always things that make us fight. Simple things actually. He said it's because we meet every day. I don't think so. I mean, that's what we do, right? We fight. But I never worried about that because I know things are going to be okay between us two.
I don't know how long this one is gonna last. Maybe just for a few months, or maybe forever. all I can do is hope for the best.
I've been in so many relationships with men with different characters. The thing is: Nobody's Perfect. No one.
You can wait for someone cute or tall or smart but the fact is, there's always a part of them that make them imperfect. I've been with rich guy but he is so goddamn cocky. I've been with smart guy but he is heartless. I've been with handsome guy but he's a liar. So, nobody's perfect.
Like I told you before, this man who is in a relationship with me now is not cute or rich. But how he loves me, how he cares for me, how he gives everything he has for me, really open my eyes. He's that kind of guy every girl wants.
He's that kind of guy I've always wanted. :)


thePush said...

translate please,because my english is five #ngakaks

thePush said...

translate please,because my english is five #malus

fie said...

@thePush, hahay.. I love you :*

Anonymous said...

Seiman atau tidak ?

fie said...

@Anonymous: gw kristen protestan.. dia katolik.. jadi, nggak seiman..