Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where'd You Go?

I haven't seen you in a while.
I mean, I'm not planning on checking you on twitter.
But when I opened your site, I saw your tweets.
You're on your holiday.
I wish you are.

how are you? okay?
I know I can't be by your side.
but, I mean, I do care about you and your condition right now.
at the top of it I am concern about your kids.

so since you're not being online these days, I decided to blog.
I wish you read this. so you can tell me any news about your condition right now.
your brother promise me he will call me as soon as something BAD happen to you.
until now, he doesn't chat me again. I hope it means you're getting better.

it's 2012, sir. and I'm mad at you.
first, you're not wake up yet.
stop pretending like you're not hearing your brother or everyone around you. you probably can't hear me typing now. or read this shit. but I mean, you know how many people want you to stay ALIVE. stubborn asshole!

second, we're still break up.
okay, I don't care about me not being your woman anymore. but you broke up with me and then I heard about you at the hospital? it makes me wanna throw up.
I feel wrong.

now you and your brother fonts are the same. IDK if it's only because he took your ID, but you guys have the same way of typing.
and it's driving me crazy, cfho83. *sorry for use that a.k.a. now you better say something to me*

so asshole, I don't care where your soul is traveling right now. just make sure it won't get lost. come back and type to me like you hate me.
fuck you.

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