Friday, February 17, 2012

Top Comments On

I love watching videos. It's kinda my mood booster.
So, yesterday, I saw this Laura Marling's All My Rage video on youtube.
then, I decided to posted a new comment on that video said: "I think it's Dakota fanning" because she really looks like Dakota!
I commented that video when I was at the office, when I got home, I checked that video again. and bum! it's on the top comments. lol.

I thought I am the only person who think that way.
By now, I saw that comment again and it has 46 thumbs already.

This is not the first time I commented on Youtube and people like my comment.
Doesn't mean to brag or something, but it's just fun to know that people think the same way.
Here are some of the screenshots. :D

So if you had youtube account, would you like to thumb up my comment?

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