Thursday, December 6, 2012


It was 4 am and he couldn't sleep
Luke, at that time, was staying at Hotel Yllen Eiffel - after his number one reason why he came to Paris is cancelled, in Rue de Vaugirard. It's June 8th and he still had 8 more days there. Second day, and bored as hell.
Four best friends were seen in Roscoe Turner Airport, Corinth, Mississipi. Grace, Holly, Miranda, and Kate were excited about Grace's bachelorette party. She was getting married next week. So she bought - well, literally her fiance is the one who bought them, her girlfriends tickets to Paris to celebrate.
Holly didn't plan on going with the girls. First of all, she was so busy. Second of all, she was 34 and Grace was just... 27 and getting married with a rich prince charming who bought them tickets to Paris just for a bachelorette party. Holly was pretty exhausted. She had no idea, what was going to happen in Paris...

to be continued
yeah. seriously.

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