Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Role of Young Generation in Supporting Revitalization of Agriculture

Thank you for the opportunity that given to me. First of all, I want to introduce my self. My name is Erlinel Manuel and now, I want to tell you about my speech named : Role of Young Generation in supporting Revitalization of Agriculture.

Countries are in equator geographically have tropical zone and have so many resources. One of them is Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with a very large abundant potential land and sea. Agriculture is one of potential that can not be used optimally by Indonesian's people.

The condition of agriculture in Indonesia since 1945 tends to run in place. Although it can not be denied that once upon a time it can be used as a pride. For axample, success of the rice self-sufficient in 1984 becomes a beautiful record.

Role that can be taken by students must be tailored to the government program in this case the Ministry of Agriculture to create a constructive sinergitas. Department of Agriculture program that a blue print in the Revitalization of Agriculture is to increase food security, agriculture and agro-based prosperousity farmers. From there students can provide a significant role in order to help speed of carrying out that programs.

The overall role that can be taken by the students, represent the contribution of the opportunities that exist, that can be done by the students. Contribution of students can not be detached from the role of schools and universities to the development of agriculture in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country that is fortunate given the wealth of nature form the abundant agricultural potential. And almost most of the population in Indonesia is located in rural areas that have as main as farmers, farm laborers, fishermen and others. The welfare of farmers is still low, this is indicated by the small farmer's exchange rate as an indicator of welfare of farmers. Development in the agricultural sector is an effort that must be made by the nation because of development in the agricultural sector can be problems such as poverty, improve standard of living and provide food for all the people in Indonesia.

Young generation as actors as the young intellectual who has access to a large enough down (the community) and the top (government) should be able to play a role in the process of agricultural development. young people is claimed to be able to solve the problem with the science of agriculture that has, to help with the acceleration of agricultural development assistance to farmers, building image of agriculture and agricultural advocacy-advocacy that can help to supply farmers. With the roles that agriculture will rise from the hands of the younger generation reformer supporting agriculture indonesia.

It is they who will get the results they dreamed of when their heart is not rattle anymore. Ideals to the younger generation to support fundamental changes in the field of agriculture may not be fast because the problems faced by agriculture, a proper young generation should be able to complete the problems that faced with a broad knowledge and intellectual.

Keep fighting for agriculture Indonesia!

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