Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google Plus, The Newest Rival of Facebook

first of all, if you have google plus, add me: Fissheal Manuel.
if you don't have one, leave your gmail on the comment of this post, and I'll send you an invite. ps: I won't publish your e-mail.

so I haven't found the usable of this G+, but, rumors said that this G+ will beat Facebook as soon as possible.
so, like other social media, G+ also have features like photos uploading, statuses posting, chatting and many others.

the difference between G+ and Facebook is G+ needs invitation so you can register. actually, you don't have to do any register if you already have a gmail account.
until today, google not restrict the sent invitations yet. but I'm pretty sure that they'll limit them when the number of users increases.

when I typing this post, I just click the "download and install voice and video chat" for G+. IDK if it's gonna work or not because I didn't read "Vista" on the system requirements.
oops, I can't use it. bad for Vista users.

another features on the chat? hmmm. call conference, sending files through the chat window, you can pop out the chat screen, you can make the video full-screen and many others.

what I like about this G+ is it's light enough to load. my friend once told me that he can't open both twitter and facebook but G+ was easily load.

so, it's your choice, readers. some said they stuck with faceboook, some said twitter is better and a lot of people moving to G+.
me? I have all of them.
I wish G+ will have some games too.

enough for now. I have to go. adios, readers.
love ya. :*

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