Monday, July 4, 2011


today is great. first, I just finished the bible project aaaand, I'm done with exams.
but I still have a lot of things that stressing me out. well, at least I feel a lil bit relieved.

what's on my mind -and I want to talk about this- is the word: try.
until today, I've done things in my life. some things done because I have a capability to finish it and others because I tried to do those things.

try and fail, but don't fail to try- Stephen Kaggwa

what you just read is one of the trying-quotes I've ever heard. I don't remember exactly what is the first quote that I heard but I am pretty sure about how I react. I was like: "whoever invented this quote, must be so hopeless. maybe he just wanted himself to be more enthusiast about living his life".

sometimes, I quit trying. not because I'm too weak but because I know my limit. I mean, you can't push yourself when you know that you can't. for example, I tried so hard to be smarter in Biology and Chemistry. but most of them are about remembering things and at the same time I am a forgetful person. that's why I can't be so smart at those subjects. and that's why I hate both of them.

another simple example is when you are about to pick which university that suits you. if you can pass the test, then it's fine. but if you can't, don't force yourself. even if you can get into that uni, doesn't mean you can go through every subject. :)

this post is dedicated to all of you who are going to face another admission test. try your best, know your limit. :)
I love you, readers. :*

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