Sunday, July 24, 2011

If I Were A Boy..

..I will be in the bar at 3 o'clock without worrying about my mom is going to call me or not.
I will put a little run when I'm walking without thinking about people looking at my boobs.
I will not scared going out in the middle of the night.
I will be real awesome because I can play the guitar.
I won't be a crybaby.
Hair fall will not be a problem because I can be bald.
I don't have to face period.
I will responsible with any decision I made.
No one will call me bitch.
I won't hurt that bad.
I will consider to have a smart girlfriend instead of the sexy one.
I will tell the person I like about my feelings without worrying if I'm a girl or a boy.
I won't hurt her feelings.
I will have sex only with my wife.

but really, if I were a boy..
I will fight against my mom for what she has done to me those years.
I will be a GREAT temperamental man.
I probably will kill my step father.
I will never go to church.
I'll yell at my girl.
I'll become a criminal.

I won't be here right now talking to y'all.
I won't have those best friends.
I won't have a great wonderful man like him :)
I won't have this patience I have now.
I won't ever know how to control myself.
I can't wear pink or purple because people will think I'm gay.

thank God I'm not a boy. thank God I was born as a girl.
thank God I still have boobs.
thank God I have period. I don't even care if I become real sensitive that time.
and thank God my name is Fissheal and I have this life. surrounded by great people, great friends, awesome man, and wonderful family.

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