Saturday, July 2, 2011

mom's month

it's july now and I'm getting nervous because the deadline to do the scientific writing is soooooo close. what makes me nervous is not the deadline but because I didn't do anything yet.

just skip that one. I don't want to talk about it

the other things that's gonna happen in July is mom's birthday. this year, my mom will be 44 y.o.
my mom is one of the independent women I ever know. because she grows in a big family with small income.
my mom is the eldest one, so she has to taking care of her brothers and sisters -she has 2 brothers and 2 sisters- every single day.
when she was in high school, she moved to the capital city of North Sulawesi.
my momma's english is not that good. it's not even good at all. but in the other side, she's smart as hell if you talk to her about medicine and stuffs. yeah, my mom is a nurse.

thank God she is a nurse because she's not gonna feel disgusted when she's taking care of her babies. :)
and maybe that's why my daddy picked her.
they have silly relationship when they were young. I mean, in the early year, it's not usually happened. :D

now my mom is a single parent because her husband is a fucking jerk. how come a husband not provides ANYTHING -I repeat, ANYTHING- to his wife? that's stupid and irresponsible. I am sorry for telling this to the world mom, but I am sick of his behavior.

I promise to myself, I won't find a guy who gives me everything when we were just "in a relationship" and stop doing it when we married.

that's it for now. I need to going back to work. good luck in everything you do readers. esp in your love life. seriously.
see you later.
love ya!

PS: if you see this bryan -my step brother from my mom's husband-, I am sorry for saying that your dad is a jerk, but I do mean it. don't worry, I still love you. ;)

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