Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I was at my mom's place last night and I typed on her new keyboard.
actually, I typed random thing. about life.

God didn't promised you that your life is going to be easy. He just said that He will be with you as long as you rely on Him.
today is Sunday. before I make this post I was thinking about not going to church. but then, I changed my mind.

if you're about to cancelling your plan to going to church today, I suggest you not to doing it.
you need to think about things God gives you until now.

I am not trying to be religious person.
I mean, all my life I've been bad. people know that. I won't type religious thing just to make people think that I'm a change man.
man, people who know me very well won't judge me that way. if you dare to judge me, then, you know NOTHING about me and what I've been through.

when I was a kid, church is just an obligation for me. I sat, I listened, I went back home. nothing changed my life.
it's not God doesn't change anything. it's me don't want to be changed.
lately, I'm trying to be better for Him even sometimes, I still run out of patience easily. at least, I'm trying. ;)

well, like I said, today is Sunday. I won't force you to go to church because people do whatever they want. nothing can stop them. moreover, this is just a post.

now I need to go to church. :)
Happy Sunday to all of you, readers.
have a wonderful day.
love you. :)

ps: if you go to church, pray for me and my life. :*

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