Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this is a story about a woman.
she's living next door.
first time I met her, she's fine. not bad but not good too.
she's a funny person that can makes me laugh. my mom told me to make her as my friend.

two years later..

I'm going to college and must stay in this boarder (again) and guess what? the woman is still here.
she's still fine. I can even say that she did not change.

actually, I enjoy being here until one day they taught me how to play a game.
nothing's wrong with that game, I like that game.
then, this thing happen. her office is moving, so there's internet connection there.
she's asked me to use my notebook then I said "yes".
first time, it's okay. but after that I think she's bothering me. I can't play, I can't sleep and I can't even use my notebook.

slowly but sure, I began to stay away from her. I give her many reasons to make her stop bother me.

saturday night..

we're online together. I feel bad feelings about this because before that, my mom getting angry with me.
so when she open her notebook, I said "yeah, the connection is getting slowly now".
suddenly, she turn her notebook off, takes her glass and plate, takes her phones, and get out of my room. first, I think she's just sleepy.

three days later..

I'm log in to my facebook and I idly open her profile. and you know what? I accidentally read her status that said: "it's enough. I know who she is". I read the comment underneath and found that she's talk about me.


she's annoying now. who she think she is? it's okay if she wants to talk about me. but say it in front of me! she's a looser. I know it now. she's looking for me if she needs me and talk about everything bad about me behind.

I hate her. I swear she would never be happy all her life!

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