Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letter To Dad

October, 28th, 2010

Dear Papa,
Hi pap. kakak kangen. :)

imagining what if you're here now. what if you're still teach me everything. what if you're watching me grow. what if I still can hear your laugh. what if I have one more year to spend with you. :)

I miss you a lot! even more than I can say or write. :)

no no. you're not dead. never. you're always here in my heart. it's just I hope I can touch you. :)
see you smile.

4 years ago, you already had billions of gray hair. so I thought, if you're real now, all of the black hair left, must be already turned into gray. :)


kidding dad. you're never old. ;)

I have some trouble with this step brother. :@
he didn't treat mom right. :@
it makes me mad. you know why? because he did it all when me and sister weren't there.
but it's alright. I'm positioned my self into you and see that you'll never hate anyone. :)


troubles chasing me out for these years. I lost 20 kilograms dad. you have to see me ;) aha! your big black fat girl turns into something you won't recognize. :))=))
haha. kidding again! I know you never think that way about me.
am I make you proud? I hope so. :) and. I start to cry. :D

okay. enough for the trouble. next: love life.
yep yep.
no no no.. I'm growing dad. you know I have to learn how to love someone even though, I did it for the last 7 years. :">
don't be that jealous. he won't and won't ever replacing your place in my heart. :"> but he's just that special. :D
he's my another Mr. Right. because my Mr. Always Right is you. ;;) haha. smile now!
he's smart, dad. he's kind. he's caring. but it doesn't mean he loves me. ;) don't be mad. maybe he just choose someone better. :p
haha. trust me, there are girls out there better than me. you have to face it dad. :*

maybe he's the one whom I have to tell you about. ngga adil rasanya kalo selama 3 tahun terakhir waktu kk sama papa, kk ngga pernah ngasih tau soal dia. :)
now you know about my first love. :) the second one? wait. I have to make sure this one is the second one and I'll tell you.

okay dad. I'm sleepy.
say my word to the angels. :)
hope they're treat you right. :)
miss you daddy :-*

ps: I love you

your daughter who loves you,

2nd ps: thanks for this name.

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