Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas preparation

it's 4 days left until Christmas!
I'm excited because it means I will be home in 4 days. my family are waiting for me and my sister. my brother said they're making cakes and cookies for me and my sister.
lol. it's gonna be a big Christmas though.


well, one thing I regret is my mom won't be there on my birthday. she has a job which will take her to Surabaya. another town in Indonesia.
she'll stay for 5 days. and honestly, I don't like it.
she said she'll be there at new year's eve.
it's okay, I just sad because I have to pass another birthday without my mom.
and my man.


I just bought 2 dresses and a pair of shoes. I'm gonna wear them on Sunday, Dec 26th and Saturday, Jan 1st. :)
thanks to my bestfriends: anna and zesy for helping me find the right dress. :D
aaaaaaaaaaaand, my size is M. lol. I know it depends on the material of the dress, because the first one I bought is sized XL. :)) but I am still glad. :D
I'm gonna post ton of pics here. :x :x


how's your Christmas preparation, readers? is everything cool? I hope they do. :D
I really don't wanna separate with internet right now.
after half and a year, all my stories are in this blog. they're all on the internet.
I think I don't know how to interact with human anymore.
and I'm gonna miss my man. I don't know if he'll miss me or not, but who cares? I'll miss him still and I miss him already.
I hope his Christmas will going great too.


I have a job (again). my boss contact me this morning and ask me to do something before I go home.
what's wrong with help a person though? she'll pay me though, so I said yes.
naaawww, here I am, sitting here, posting something on the blog before I do that job.

hey readers, may I ask you to do me a favor? please chat me on my yahoo messenger pingbox on the right and tell me any movie you pick for this Christmas. :)
and readers, I am gonna miss you too.
I don't know most of you. and I don't have any idea where you live or stuff like that.
but if you celebrating Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year.

love you.

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