Saturday, December 11, 2010

★ thank you, readers! ★

long time no see readers. what? about one week? yeah. I am busy taking care of midterms.
any news? well I don't have too much news. lets start from the oldest news since my last post.


well, my boy is alright. he still alive and getting crazier.
at least, I am glad he crazy. because maybe, if he's normal, he won't like me. :))=))


this week is the easiest week. why? because there are only 2 subjects of midterms. and they're easy as hell.
I hope I didn't gave a cross at the wrong answer.
damn. I always in a hurry. :))=))


okay. enough talking shit. :p
according to the title of this post, I will say thank you so much for all of you.
all of you. whoever you are.
thanks for keep reading this crap even though sometimes I make mistakes with my english post.
I'll try to keep posting in english but I will need my Indonesian too when I post some task.

why thanks? this afternoon, I saw my blog's stats. and it's amazing. I got 12000 pageviews.
that's such a big number.
I will post the screenshoot below.

this is the overview.
all time is 12.000 and I hope it'll keep going up. because it proves something to me.

this is the top 10 post views.
all of them is Indonesian post.
and most of them are my school work. :)
well, this also mean something to me.
at least, my posts aren't that meaningless. :)

well, this is the sites where you find this blog.
google have it.

I know it!
Indonesia must be the place where most of my reader live.
so it stills on the top rank.
and what makes me glad, is I see that rockmelt browser is on the 4th rank of browser.
well, I still have 2 invitation. if you want it. tell me.


readers, I know thousands, millions, or billions thank you won't enough to say my respects to you.
if I know your name, maybe I can post it here.
well thanks for visitor who leaves a spot on my pingbox.
who leaves a comment.
who reads this crap.
my classmate, my boyfriend, my facebook friends, my twitter follower, everyone.
thank you.


I have to go now.
again, thank you.
and as always, I love you all. :)

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